Why We Matter

First off, welcome to our gaming blog. We’re glad you’re here. We’re not an authority on gaming or all games by any mean, but we like to think we offer helpful insight. We each have a unique take on gaming, and want to voice the opinions of everyday gamers.


Kanthalos has been playing MMORPG’s for around 8 years now, starting just after the release of Asheron’s Call. He played this game for four years, briefly playing other games in between. After AC he began playing World of Warcraft, and he has been playing on and off since release. Currently he is playing World of Warcraft, EverQuest 2, and Lord of the Rings Online Beta. He wishes to write on a wide range of topics including exploration, grouping, guilds, reviews, and many others.

List of MMO’s played: Asheron’s Call, Anarchy Online, Guild Wars, Everquest, World of Warcraft, EverQuest 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Silk Road, City of Villains, Lord of the Rings Online (beta).


Anaktoria is relatively new to the world of MMOs, but has been gaming her entire life. She is a college senior with a major in Creative Writing. Anaktoria’s main gaming experience comes from World of Warcraft, but she has dabbled in all sorts of MMOs and continues to do so. Her main concerns with gaming are character creation, quest writing, the grouping/guild element, and gaming experiences for female gamers.

List of MMO’s played: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online (beta), City of Villains

We hope you enjoy our perspectives, and we encourage you to comment and contact us with anything you’d like to say. We can be reaching over AIM at mmoreinsight or by commenting on individual journal entries. Thanks and enjoy!


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