Like, totally…a girl’s impression of WoW characters

I have always loved Barbies…and video games. I got a Gem doll and a Nintendo for Christmas in first grade. So, while I’m a girl, I’m a pretty avid gamer. And I will admit, I do love a pretty character. This makes character creation a big issue for me, especially in World of Warcraft.

Let’s start off with actual creation. When I created my first toon years ago, I was a little surprised at the lack of options. Character realism was not an issue, I’ve always loved Warcraft and the characters looked like the Warcraft-universe. But, the lack of control with the toon really grinded my gears. My main, and original toon, is a female human mage.

Faces first. Nearly every face is similar, unless you count the “elderly face” the “mean face.” All of the other faces can be grouped into the “vapid face” category. Sure, you could add a piercing to personalize it, but that didn’t change much. Hair colors had a little variety, but most of the hairstyles were either a) god awful or b) already being worn by about every other human female.

Besides that, when it came to body shape, I had no choice but to be a busty toned human female. Not exactly a warriors body type, but it worked for a caster. Not that I’d have made a “fat” toon, but I wanted to be able to control some of the important things like height, weight, muscle tone. Things that make your character more personalized would have been great. As a woman, I really don’t care for the gigantic rack nearly every female toon in Azeroth sports. I would have went with a more willowy, less endowed toon if I had the choice. The breast obsession just harks back to the fact that far too many men are the ones deciding what these toons look like. Sure, most of the gamer’s in WoW are men and I’m sure they love big, busty women, but why do they ALL need to be big and busty?

Off of that rapidly growing argument and onto the wardrobe of all of Azeroth. It all looks the same! Even new items look suspiciously like something you had 4 levels ago. They’ve got a great team over there at Blizzard, can’t they pay a little more attention the the item details? The epics are all good, but blues and below tend to look like everything else. Is there any reason for the Illusionist’s robe to look exactly like a mooncloth robe? Couldn’t just add one more robe design? I had worked my butt off to get out of my mooncloth robe and into the Illusionist’s robe just to find out that…they’re the exact same in appearance. Sure, the stats are nice…but back to my Barbie obsession. It’s not enough to make me angry at the game, but it’d be great to see even more detail put into an already detailed world.

As for other character races, I’m a big fan of the Draenei females. They’ve got hooves, horns, and some junk in the trunk and are still bringing sexy back. They blow the Blood Elves right out of the water. I was excited about the elves, and severely disappointed by their execution of the characters. The woman are awkward looking, are in an uncomfortable stance, and look like they’re a size -2. The men look like they’re out of a cheesy romance novel. Not at all what I had wanted. Dwarves and Gnomes are good as is, I like the female dwarves and the gnomes are button cute. It’s those darn Night Elves! They’re alright until the females are seen running around Azeroth butt naked (hello Goldshire Inn) and dancing. As for the undead, trolls, orcs, and tauren, I really love that each class looks so entirely different. They’re different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. I’ve not played much on the Horde side, but I’ve created a toon of each race and really enjoyed my finished product.

Overall, I love World of Warcraft’s unique universe, though it’d be great to have some more character options and a bigger variation in wardrobe. It would be nice to have a way to modify your toon’s look after creation. Seventy levels is a long time to sport the nose ring and pony tail. I’ve played games with much more detailed character creation (City of Villains) and those with less detailed (Guild Wars). WoW falls somewhere in between. Azeroth’s toons sure aren’t Barbies, but they work for me in the long run, even if the lack of options sometimes frustrates me.


Next time: Characters in LotR Online, and EQ2


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