Gold Farmers and WoW – Still Booming?

One of my guild mates and I were talking last night about gold farmers and whether they were still doing good business as of the Burning Crusade. He thought they wouldn’t be, and chose to disagree with him. As you progress to level 70, be it through questing or grinding, chances are, you are going to end up with something like 1800-2000g. You will lose about 200 of that to repairs and food. If you choose to help your guildies out with crafting, that will probably end up costing about 300g depending on whether you can sell some of the stuff that you make. This leaves you with about 1400-1600g for other things. Say you buy one blue that costs 200g, that’s 1300 to make it even. Buy yourself a rare flying mount? That’s only 300g left. That is 300g by the time you are really ready to dig into end-game content. That is not very much, especially if you are on the front line of your guild learning Karazhan, which will take a slede hammer to your piggy bank. Heroic instances? Just as bad, if not worse. OH YEAH, and if you ever want to get somewhere in outland in a direct path? 5000g. The epic flying mount alone is enough to keep gold farmers in business, not to mention jewels, crafting materials, new gear, repairs (especially once we get into epics). While there are current ways of making upwards of 80g an hour, most people don’t have time to simply grind for gold, especially when there are all the new instances to learn, new factions to raise reputation with, and hundreds of other ways to spend your time, in and out of the game.
During the conversation I was having with my guild mate, another one also brought up a really good point whether he was being comedic or not. He said that they are very crafty people, and they will always find ways to make money, and I’m sure this is very true. Don’t look for gold farmers to drop off your servers any time soon.



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