The Most Confusing 15 Minutes of My Life…

…were spent trying to figure out Second Life.

Seriously, whatever I expected was not what I found. It’s a noob’s perspective on it, but it was freaking confusing, clunky, and downright annoying.

I guess the red flag should have went up when a) they offered me in-game money for my credit card number and b) there were furries as a character creation option. Both were equally telling.

After I finally made my character, I was thrust into Second Life’s version of Noob Island. The graphics aren’t great, and I understand why, but it was entirely too clunky. I couldn’t get where I wanted to go very quickly. I couldn’t get my outfit and body how I wanted it with the appearance function. I ran into things. Mainly, I was bored to death. It was a yawner all around. The best part was the tutorial of driving the steam roller over what appeared to be mechanical animals. And the rest of the tutorial? Not very helpful at all.

Now, I wasn’t expecting WoW. I was hoping for something similar to the Sims. And from my very limited time in Second Life, I didn’t see it. I’ll admit, I spent about an hour in Second Life, so I don’t have much to go on. However, what I saw and did in that hour wasn’t enough to make me want to come back and explore any further.

Free games are nice, but this game wasn’t the one for me. If I want a cute, free game I guess I’ll go back to Neopets, despite not being an MMO. If I want a Sims experience I’ll stick to The Sims. Second Life was a let down.



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  1. Tabetha on

    If life is confusing just
    say out loud now Jesus I
    believe and I receive you in
    my heart please help me can really help

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