When virtual becomes reality

First off, we’re back! After a lovely vacation, it’s time to get back to the grindstone.

I have known Eakon for about two years. Virtually. We leveled from 30 to 40 together in Stranglethorn Vale. However, through the graces of modern technology and Facebook, we began to chat outside of World of Warcraft as well. Whether AIM or whisper chats, we became good friends over the internet waves. Now we know him as Tireen or Anoss, since he shed Eakon long ago. But, now I just know him as Joseph.

Last Thursday Kanthalos and I met him in real life. Outside of the computer. No WoW names. Nothing. I had thought it would be strange, but it was quite fun! We hung out like old friends, chatted, all sorts of non-WoW things.

Anyway, my point (if there is one), is that gaming is more than just killing things and leveling and getting the “phat lootz.” You can truly make some good friends. Whether just a grinding buddy, or someone you can always count on as a 5th in your group to someone you can tell all about the shitty RL day you’ve had, there are all sorts of friends to make in MMOs.

I don’t suggest running out and meeting a random MMO buddy if you haven’t established that they’re NOT an axe murderer, but getting to meet Joseph was a blast and a unique experience.



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