Are MOG’ers Socially Inept?

OK, so yeah, I am going to start using the term MOG’ers because I like it, I think it sounds better than MMORPG players, and it is more concise. So anyway, now I am going to get to my point.

So I was having a conversation with one of my friends the other day (a jaded former WoW player) and he was telling me that “MOG’ers” are socially inept. He assumes that since they aren’t face-to-face with another person interacting with them that they have some sort of problem. The main reason that I disagree with this is the use of VOIP systems like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, or an integrated system as used in EVE Online or DDO. Also, even without the use of a VOIP, people will still be talking to other players, using their social skills to work together, trade, argue, debate, etc. Just because they aren’t in person doesn’t mean that they are socially inept. This is a very, very broad statement that perhaps can be attributed to quite a few MOG’ers, but cannot be used as a sweeping generalization and is quite untrue for a large portion of them. I, myself play MMO’s because I would rather play with other people most of the time than play a dungeon crawler or GTA3 by myself, which I often find him doing. I also make sure that I take time to spend time watching him actually play GTA3. Just kidding, but I do make sure that I get out and take the time to enjoy being with my friends and family and don’t get too absorbed in my current MMO that I’m playing. I don’t tell him that he needs to get out into the world and interact with people because the game he is playing is isolating him from the people around him, so why should he, when I actually play a game that involves other players who I am actually interacting with and talking to, either through in-game chat or some type of voice-chat system. I am just a bit curious whether anyone else has had a similar experience, or believes that my friend has more validity behind his statement than I give him credit for…?



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