And now for something completely different…

Long time no post from me, but here it is.

Ok, so it’s not an MMO, but I am really enjoying Titan Quest.

I officially took the leap and removed WoW from my system last week, and now Titan Quest is on the plate. I won’t be playing anymore MMOs till I get a different computer, but until then I’ve been doing my homework and reading up.

But back to Titan Quest.

The game is simple. Point and click, hit a number every once and a while. Kill some bosses. I’ve got the expansion but I haven’t really done anything with it yet in the multiplayer sense. It is mindless, but it brings me back to the Diablo 2 days. I especially love that it’s based in Greek mythology thus far, and I’m pretty much a Classics-nerd here at college. You don’t get to personalize your character much beyond tunic-color and sex, but I’ll let that slide. For someone who has hardly any time to play games until the end of May, I think it’s a good distraction. It’s not much of a time commitment, but it still takes your mind off of RL and directs it into the virtual.

For what it is, I think Titan Quest (whether the expansion or the original) is well worth the money if you’re looking for a quick fix.



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  1. Adele Caelia on

    Congrats on getting WoW out of our system:P

    Have you taken a look at Gods & Heroes Online?

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