A Return to Asheron’s Call…?

As you know, I have been going crazy trying to find my place in MMO space that continues to grow and improve. I saw recently a 14-day free trial of Asheron’s Call: Throne of Destiny. Seeing as it’s been over three years since I last set foot in the world of Dereth, I decided I’d give it a go. Starting fresh, I created a character on my old server, Leafcull. I was shocked to find that two of my best friends from the game are still playing. I reconnected with them and they were thrilled to see me, urging me to resubscribe. There are a few reasons that I’m not quite sure that I want to do this yet, and here they are.

1) Starting up the free trial, my initial goal was simply to get high enough level to go check out all of my old stomping grounds, explore, and reconnect with my friends if they still played. I still find myself recalling some of the landscapes from AC, thinking about how awesome they looked, even though the graphics are/were sub-par at best, there are still some amazing vistas to be found within the game. I also wanted to remember some of the critters that I’d forgotten, and get a chance to whack at them one more time. To wrap this point up, I was going for a nostalgic conclusion and finally put this game to bed.

2) I’m not sure if I want to open up this can of worms. I spent FAR TOO MUCH time playing this game during high school when I could have been doing hundreds of other things. While I looks back with pleasure on my time spent playing, I can’t help but wonder what more I could have done during that part of my life. Expanding on that, coming to the end of my college career, classes are becoming extremely difficult and time-consuming, so between balancing classwork, a social life, and a gaming habit, I almost don’t even want to risk opening that border-line obsessive play. I have gone slightly overboard playing WoW (and occasionally in EQ2) but it was nothing like it was during AC’s hayday.

3) After becoming spoiled by more modern game-play (mainly combat systems and questing) as well as improved graphics, I’m afraid that after several weeks, I will find myself bored to tears, wondering why I ever resubscribed in the first place. While AC has an absolutely immense amount of content (due in large part to their monthly updates, that I believe other games should include) I’m worried that I will find it all too similar and won’t have the drive to see the content that they have added since I last quit.

So there you have it. I still have 12 days to decide whether I’m going to give this game another try, but my gut is telling me that I will likely enjoy this time, get e-mail addresses from my old friends, and move on.



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