My "I Win" button ain’t broken.

Recently Kanthalos and I were put in the midst of a sticky situation. Kan’s WoW account was hacked. We’ve been fighting with WoW for the last three weeks, trying to get them to believe that Kanthalos is indeed the real Kanthalos (because, well, I know he is!).

Today, friends, I got very good news in my inbox. Kanthalos got his account back!

Neither of us are currently playing WoW, but it’s the principle of the thing. Stealing video game accounts instead of doing the work and putting in the hours is uber-lame. We may never play WoW again, but that doesn’t mean it’s alright for some loser to run off with the fruits of our labors.

So, gaming folks, make sure your passwords are airtight. Make sure your information is kept under lock and key. You too may fall prey to the internet scum’s scheme to steal accounts. Lucky for Kanthalos, his gear seems to be intact as far as the Armory can tell me. After nearly 5 hours of dealing with Blizzard, numerous hours of us comiserating over the phone back and forth, and the general anger from being robbed has not been fun.

But I win! Kanthalos wins! Just like in Azeroth, justice reigns.

(Kanthalos will be back with more gaming news shortly. It’s been a very hectic summer, folks. )


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