Player Run Events

Hello for the second time today. I decided that for this post I’d focus on player run events. This is something that I’ve noticed seems to be relatively nonexistent in the MMO’s I’ve played recently. Back when I was playing Asheron’s Call actively, these were constantly going on on my server. My guild would frequently host things like scavenger hunts that would lead people all over the world solving riddles and performing feats in which the winner would either receive gold or a rare item. I think this is an excellent way to get the community interacting with one another. We would group up with other guilds on occasion which was a great way to meet new players outside of your guild which lead to alliances for questing, grouping, or for PvP. Speaking of PvP, tournaments were also hosted which were a lot of fun, and while there are official tournaments that players and teams can compete in, I find it more fun when the players host the event and can receive a reward in game.

There are many ways in which players can host an event which can be mutually beneficial. Things like races, killing competitions, scavenger hunts and a multitude of other things can all be used which could charge a small fee (say 10g.) Say you get 20 competitors, that’s 200g, with the winner getting 75g and second place getting 30g. That’s a 95g profit for the host, a good prize for the two winners and even if you lose you have fun and only lose 10g. This is a great way for guilds to earn money for raiding supplies or for helping out lower level players. Furthermore, this is something that needs no interaction, regulation, or assistance from the developers. It is solely on the shoulders of the players. Of course, the host needs to be reputable enough that players know they won’t have their money stolen, but again, even if you lose the 10g, you aren’t going to be hurting that badly. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more (or at all for that matter) of these kind of player run events in games recently. Perhaps this is the cause (or effect) of many players thinking communities today are immature, selfish, and just plain rude. It’s something to think about, and maybe work with your guild to host such an event.


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