Update/Initial LotRO Experience

Sorry for the break all, I spent several days with my fiancée since we are a few hours apart so I was a little too busy to do any real writing so I figured rather than doing a little half-hearted blog entry I would wait until I got back so here I am.

To start things off, a few days before I left I finally caved and bought LotRO. I know that it isn’t going to last me more than a month (or possibly two) but I figured it was worth giving it a shot. So far, its been pretty fun, I started as an elf unlike the Hobbit I made in beta so that I would encounter all new quests and locations (at least to start.) In three days of playing I made it to level 12, and so far the quests have been fairly fun. I will say that I get a bit frustrated when I complete quests and have to run something like 15 minutes to turn it in and get back to where I was to continue on, but it’s a minor complaint. As for the quests themselves, they aren’t revolutionary by any stretch, but they are decent. I haven’t gotten to the point of forced grouping yet, but I can see it looming in the near future, and I must say I’m not thrilled. I’m more of a soloer at heart who groups for the fun of it. I also enjoy a good grinding session from time to time which this game severely frowns upon as quests are about 75% of the experience you gain. I will say that the trait/deed system is rather interesting but still far from stellar. Attempting to stay away from a formal review as a) I’ve only played about 12 hours and b) you’ve read a thousand of them already I’ll just say that a month is all I expect to get out of this game, but that’s ok. I’m going to continue to say that EQ2 is the best fantasy MMO on the market right now, but refuse to play since my graphics card ruins the experience. I’ll be back later today with some stuff I’ve been stewing over about quests and/or player run events.



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