Ode to the Underloved Hardcore Player

This is coming from a post I found on MMORPG.com — I found it rather amusing, so check it out. I’d love to know what you all think.

Hardcore Servers, every MMORPG should have them.

Why doesn’t world of warcraft or star wars galaxies or lord of the rings online have a hardcore server? A server for intelligent players who want a world of free will. Kill any player anytime and take all loot. Basically a world that is chaotic in which the players must bring order. What is so wrong with this? Why do us skilled players have to be discriminated against just because we choose to “Think” when we play mmorpgs. Most carebears turn their brain completely off and if that is how you want to play your game so be it. But why do we the hardcore players have to suffer? I’m not talking about grinding 32454 hours a day to make a character. I’m talking about a world where there is a constant tension, where you are always watching your back, worried that some player is going to jack you. Or that an enemy guild is waiting to ambush you.

What is so wrong with the element of surprise? World of “WAR”craft is not war when you can’t even ambush enemy players with that big red name tag over their head.

I want to think when I play games and risk losing something in order to gain something more. Why can’t you people handle that? What is wrong with you. I guess not everyone can handle a little competition right? Because you have to compete in real life right? I”m just curious that is all. I compete in real life too but that is the nature of things. I got bored of world of warcraft after 3 months. But I played ultima online for 4 years because every time I logged on something spontaneous and new would happen that was DYNAMIC to the players. 4 years I played that game and there wasn’t a single stupid quest that forced me to collect 10 feathers for 500 experience.

Why do you people enjoy collecting 10 feathers for 500 experience? WTF is wrong with you lol. I prefer hunting down an enemy player that slaughtered my guildmates. I prefer killing a known villain who has a bunch of gold and loot on him, and then when I kill him I take all his loot. I prefer storming an enemy guildhouse, breaking in through their front line defense and if I kill them all I can loot their entire guild house of all their riches. That is fun. You new generation of mmorpg’ers have never experienced a REAL mmorpg. That is the problem.


Apparently all of us PVEers out there had it wrong this whole time, and Blizzard’s eight million players are also still in the dark. I realize now that I constantly want to be in fear of losing all of my gear at any time, and that anyone who enjoys questing or even raiding is a mindless drone following the evil plan that game companies have laid out for them. Thank you for this revelation PVPKing, my life is so much more fulfilling now. We just need to convince them to create these hardcore servers… Your wishes do seem to be coming true with the vaporware that is Darkfall, so you still won’t be in luck, I’m sorry.



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