The Anticipation Builds…

As you all surely know Curt Schilling founded an MMO Studio earlier this year, bringing in some serious star power such as R.A. Salvatore (Drizz’t) and Todd McFarlane(Spawn) to help bring his vision to life.  Something you MAY not know is that they plan on announcing their new game later this week at Comic-Con.  I for one am pretty excited to see what they’ve got in the works.  Between Blizzard’s looming MMO announcement and Areae’s impending announcement as well, it’s going to be exciting to see how they stack up against the current list of upcoming titles. 



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  1. Boon on

    This is one of those studios I am waiting to see what comes out of it. While I am not holding out all hope that Curt Schilling will be creating something ‘new’, it would be nice to see what R.A. Salvatore can do with quests, and story lines. He is by far my favorite author, so there is a great deal of admiration there. As for Todd McFarlane, well he is the one who got me in to comic books with Spawn.

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