Short #1

Ok, time for something new. I’m going to try to start writing a “flash fiction” piece (somewhere between 250-500 words) once a week for you guys to read. There’s no guarantees that I’ll get one out every week, but I figure it’s an opportunity for me to write some fantasy fiction which I enjoy, and give you a little something different when you come here. These won’t be heavily edited or revised, so they aren’t going to be masterpieces by any stretch. Some will focus more on setting, while others might focus on character development or description, etc.. So that’s all the intro I’m going to give this, let me know if you like it. If you do, then I might put some more effort into these to make them a bit more “polished.”

Short #1

Pearls of sweat formed and fell from Lorian’s brow as he crouched, hidden behind an elder bush. His throbbing joints grew restless as he contemplated his next action. A pair of trolls had come upon his camp as he readied himself for sleep. Due only to their heavy footfalls and unintelligible grunts was he able to find cover and secure his short sword before being spotted. After lumbering into his camp, they spared no time before rummaging through Lorian’s possessions.
“Find him,” shouted the larger of the two, still sifting through the goods. The second began making his way out of the camp directly towards Lorian. He raised his blade, poised to strike. As the troll passed the bush, Lorian slashed with immense strength, slicing his left ankle clean through. A howl burst from the clambering giant as it toppled helplessly to the ground. Lifting the blade high overhead, he struck the troll’s throat before a counterattack was possible. Gurgles escaped the troll’s mouth before his head fell limp on the clay beneath it. Turning to face his remaining enemy, he managed to evade a sweeping blow from the troll’s club by inches. His roar of disappointment shook Lorian to the core. Sprinting back into the camp he scooped up his pack, desperately searching for something to defend himself with while maintaining his speed. His initial advantage gone, he knew the second would not fall so easily. As he removed a vial and dropped his pack, his body elevated. The troll had attained a mighty grip around his neck, showering it with saliva as a twisted laugh erupted from his lips. Facing the other way, Lorian was unable to see his captor as he thrust the vial back against the sinewy skin. The laughter ceased as he loosed his grip. As Lorian fell hard upon the ground, he shifted to see flames envelop the troll’s massive frame in quick order. Several seconds of aimless shuffling passed before it collapsed. After lying there for several minutes to catch his breath, he rose and made his way back to camp. Escaping with nothing more than a bruised throat, Lorian couldn’t help but count himself lucky as he lay once again on his cot.



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  1. Bildo on

    Good stuff, Kanthalos. đŸ™‚

    Funny part is, I was sort of rooting for the Trolls.

    The descriptions of the action were top-notch. I actually, this may be weird, but I started picturing EQ2 in my head, haha.

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