SOE Customer Support = FTL

Ok, so I was five minutes from Best Buy last Friday afternoon while out doing some stuff and I just about went over there to pick up a copy of Echoes of Faydwer, but decided that since I was done shopping I’d just head home and use the digital download. I had made a second account to use the trial and make sure that I could get the game looking pretty which I could. I decided that since I wasn’t going to use the character I had played before because he was on the wrong server that I would just get the expansion for the trial account and save $15 on the first month, but after buying it, I realized that for the DD you had to have a copy of the original game. How stupid is that? I already was up to date on patches and such with the trial and I had a copy of the game for my other account, not to mention if you go to the store to buy it, it comes with the original and all three expansions anyway. So I get on chat support and they tell me they can switch them and it will take two days. I realize this means four because they are closed on the weekends. So Wednesday afternoon rolls around with no change in sight, so I hop on chat support again. “This issue will be resolved in 2 hours” I’m told. You guessed it, they lied. So five hours AFTER that two hours I get on again and they tell me that it’s been bumped up and should be resolved quickly. Three hours after they open the next day (yesterday) I get on once more and say,

“Look, I’ve been waiting six days to play this when I could have just gone to the store and bought it, either fix this quickly or please give me a rufund.”

“I can assure you it’s in my supervisor’s ticket box and will be fixed very shortly,” he replies.

“So this will be fixed today?”


Let me tell you what folks, they had six hours after this chat before they closed and it’s still not fixed. If they haven’t done anything about it before 3 p.m. Pacific Time today, they aren’t going to want to listen to my fifth enquiry, I can assure you. And it won’t be with chat support, it’s going to be over the phone. All that said, I will still play this game because it’s a quality product, I just wish I had taken the extra five minutes to get a hard copy and been playing a week ago.



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  1. errantdreams on

    Ugh. I wish I wasn’t hearing so many bad things about SOE’s customer support. It’s enough at this point that if I were wavering on whether to buy a game, that would probably tip me over the line into not buying it.

  2. kanthalos on

    Later in the day yesterday in a fluke I contacted support right at the time they had fixed it, so they finally did get it right. If I had just went to the store and bought it, it would have been fine, but oh well, lesson learned…never download when you can get a hard copy (for the same price.)

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