The Meme’s roll on…

It appears that i’ve been sucked into the swirling vortex that is the meme by Tipa (thank you, btw.) My best tips have already been covered, hopefully mine is alright, though.

-Start Copy-

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general.

After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think- if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. ***

2. Be EXCELLENT to each other. *

3. Don’t let money change ya! *

4. Always reply to your comments. ****

5. Link liberally — it keeps you and your friends afloat in the Sea of Technorati. *

6. Don’t give up – persistance is fertile. ***

7. Give link credit where credit is due. ****

8. Pictures say a thousand words and can usually add to any post.**

9. Keep writing, no matter what, and the quality will follow. ***

10. Stay out of your comfort zone. Take risks, don’t be afraid to look dumb.*

11. Keep to a schedule. People return to blogs when they know they will find something new.*

12. Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal life once in a while.

-End Copy-

Hmmm, this should be fun. I choose Fred, DamianoV, Wilhelm, Cameron, Adele, Darren, Boon, Rick, Aaron, and Pixiestyx. Whether it’s from me or someone else, none of you could have avoided the meme train, so I’m just cutting to the quick. Chances are most of these blogs are in your favorites, but I enjoy reading every one of them, and want to give them some credit, so there you go 🙂



6 comments so far

  1. Grace on

    Thanks for participating! The meme really is rolling. The full list of blogging tips are here:

  2. […] Saturday, July 28th, 2007 in Linkage Not that I have any great wisdom to add, but I hate to disappoint… tagged by Kanthalos at MMOre Insight. […]

  3. […] to sting … do i need a dose of anitbiotics, or some perscription narcotics … how did Kanthos infect me, I barely touched him with a barge pole … […]

  4. […] and relax after a theme upgrade (converting from Joomla to WordPress) I’ve run across a meme from Kanthalos. I feel so bad that this is a month behind our scheduled programming. But I could not just let it […]

  5. Boon on

    Sorry Kanthalos,

    As you will see on your next visit, is undergone its final theme change for quite some time to come. While there are a few more ‘tweaks’ here and there to get done. I am done with converting from Joomla to WordPress this sweet theme.

    Thanks for the meme, and I’ve finally got to it and posted it up, even gave ya a star cause I love this site as well.

  6. globalyoujui on

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