My EQ2 Weekend

Well, as you know, I’ve been trying to get into EQ2 for around a week, so finally Friday afternoon I got customer support to fix my problem, and I began patching… for 12 hours. Wishing that I would have just gone out and bought it at the store is an extreme understatement. Not only do I have to patch for 12 hours, but I had to sit at the computer and watch it patch for 12 hours. I’m guessing that 300 files got stuck while downloading, so I had to stop and restart the patching throughout the entire process. So I finally finish and my brother wants to make a character. He liked the Iksar, and I wanted to check out Neriak. He goes to start it up and is told that if he wants to do this, he’s going to have to download the content. How your patcher does not automatically include all of the content is beyond me. I could have just told him to start in Freeport, but decided I should just suck it up and get it all done. So after another 45 minutes of patching the game is actually done and entirely playable. Thank God. I shouldn’t really complain though I guess, since it only took eight days!

Ok, so there is the prelude. I had played the illusionist in the trial since I’d heard Brendon mention a few times on some Virgin Worlds (no link needed) podcasts that he enjoyed this class. I’d previously played a wizard that I enjoyed, but I wanted to give this a shot. I’m torn between which one I like more, but I really enjoy the personae I get with the illusionist so I’ll probably stick with that as their play styles are pretty similar (at least in the early levels.) So I’ve had about six or eight hours to play and I reached level 14. It’s been great so far, and I can’t see getting bored in less than a month like I did with LotRO. I’ll probably end up playing this until I find my next MMO, so I’m glad about that. Now I just need to track down Tipa and get to know some other players. Hopefully some of the stuff I put on the market will sell so I’ll have some money to buy some bigger bags and maybe some armor that I haven’t replaced through quests yet. So there you have it, my EQ2-filled weekend. There will be more to come on my adventures later, as I delve further into the game.

~ Kanthalos

P.S. On a side note, the sewage pipes in our house got plugged with sand getting in while building it, so everything inside started coming back up. FUN. This was at 11 p.m. on a Friday night no less. The emergency plumber that the builders use is half a state away, who manages to get there in about an hour thankfully. It took him about two hours to fix it, but since it was clearly not our fault, he didn’t charge us. The joys of a new house đŸ™‚


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  1. tipa on

    Looked for ya last night. My main on Befallen is Dina, so feel free to bug me if you see me around.

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