Servers with Different Content…?

With all of this talk going around about world-building and world-destroying, mainly pertaining to PvP, it’s got me thinking about some of the things this entails, as well as a bigger picture. If players have the ability to alter the world like this, it means that servers are going to be different from one another. This idea got me thinking about differing servers on an even greater scale than this. Imagine if servers were set in different periods of time, say 200 years apart from each other. The capital city on one server might not have existed on the “younger” server, or it could have been taken over by an opposing faction, or perhaps completely destroyed on the “older” server. On another note, different servers could have different instances. Maybe they give the same loot, but the content is 100% different.

There are endless possibilities on what could be changed. This could create a sense of server loyalty and honor, feeling like your server was one-of-a-kind, being completely unique. This also creates some potential problems though. If too many things change, this could create lopsided server numbers with people favoring one server over the next. It also means creating content that is relatively similar with alterations to make it seem original when completely new content could be created with that time and those resources. Would it be worth having less content overall in order to make it feel like an alternate reality rather than a replica? I’m not sure myself, but it’s definitely interesting to consider.



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