EQ2 + Extreme Quality = OMG

So my brother put together a new computer on Friday and here are the specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz Processor
2 GB RAM (Soon to be four)
BFG NVidia GeForce 8800 640 MB
100 GB 10k RPM hard drive

This thing is unbelievable.  He tried to hook it up with Vista Ultimate and Vista Interprise, but couldn’t get his drivers to work with either of them, so he fell back to XP before installing EQ2.  First thing he does after he pops into the game is crank it up to Extreme Quality.  I must say that I didn’t think graphics in an MMO were this good yet.  I knew that EQ2 had the best out there right now, but I was completely baffled by just how beautiful this game looked.  I’m sorry but I don’t have any screenshots on this computer, but I’ll post some when I get home tonight for you all so you can see.  The point is that I had no idea that graphics like this were on the market yet.  Some of the screenshots I’ve seen were probably this good, but until you see it in action, it’s just not the same.  It’s like a completely different game when it’s turned all the way up.  The only time there were any problems were in Qeynos and once he gets the other 2GB of RAM that won’t even be an issue.  Point is, if you recently upgraded your computer, you should really check this one out if you haven’t played it in a while.  The game itself is amazing to begin with, and add the stellar graphics to it, you simply can’t miss it, even with the games that are on the way.



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  1. ogrebear on

    if you are using a 32 bit os getting 4gb of ram is a waste.

    32 bit os are limited to 4gb or addressing space, (which includes, ram, video ram, all caches) So your computer is probably close to 3gb in addressing space used. So the 4gb of ram would not be used, unless you get a 64bit version of xp

  2. kanthalos on

    Yeah, he probably won’t get the extra 2GB until he gets Vista running.

  3. Jwolf on

    I run windows Vista, even in Qeynos Harbor I never go above 1.6gb ram used, seems to be some sort of limit as to how much eq2 will use, always at 1.6gb, always at 1.4gb on my xp laptop.

    I have 3gb in my vista desktop and 2gb in my xp laptop.

    The main limiting factor on EQ2 performance seems to be cpu. I have a core2duo e4300 at 3.0ghz and eq2 uses all of the first core.

    Wish they would optimize it for multi core in one of these expansions…

  4. Aurorum on

    Where are the screenshots?

  5. kanthalos on

    Here’s a link to the page where I posted a screenshot. I used to have three but here’s the one that I left up. Hope you like it.


  6. 1932 on

    Very good site. Thank you.

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