Contest Time

By some freak accident, I ended up receiving two beta keys for Mythos. I figure I should share the wealth, and give the second out to one of my awesome readers. Here’s the deal. All you have to do is tell me what the best song ever created is. I can assure you of this; I will be completely objective in my judging of the songs. Just leave a comment with your choice and I’ll choose the winner on Wednesday. I will probably have the means of downloading it if I deem it necessary (school uses a program with lots of songs, not illegal.) So there you have it — Good luck.



8 comments so far

  1. Cordanim on

    Oh my – well I probably won’t win, but Photograph by Depeche Mode LOL


  2. Lars on

    Anti-Social by Front Line Assembly!

  3. Jerrek on

    Cake – The Distance.

    It can’t be beat! 🙂


  4. Bildo on

    I don’t need/want the key, but I wanted to chime in.

    Rockin’ the Suburbs – Ben Folds


    Ballybay – as covered by The Prodigals

  5. damianov on

    LOL. How can I resist… (now, I just have to come up with something so out there in left field…)

    Got it.

    The Rainbow Connection, as performed by Kermit the Frog.

  6. Cameron Sorden on

    Romeo & Juliet – From the movie musical “Reefer Madness.” Brilliant.

  7. kanthalos on

    Well, it’s time to select the winner, and the not-so-winners 🙂

    Photograph – A little too ’80s and bubbly, although I do enjoy a terrible ’80s song from time to time 🙂

    Anti-Social – Couldn’t find this song, but I listened to FLA, and it was a little too dark for me, sorry 😦

    Romeo & Juliet – While I do appreciate a good musical, this was a bit too sappy, albeit fairly humorous.

    The Distance – I could never really get into Cake, not sure why.

    Rockin’ The Suburbs – This would have been my winner, as I’m a huge Ben Folds fan, but Bildo already has Mythos, so the winner is *drumroll*

    Rainbow Connection! Yes, this too is quite sappy, but c’mon, its Kermit. Tough to beat that. So for out-of-the-box thinking, I will give my key to DamianoV. I’ll e-mail you the information later. Thanks for playing, all!

  8. damianov on

    Woot! Kermit FTW!

    More seriously, thanks. I appreciate it.

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