More On Mythos

Time Spent Playing EQ2 This Weekend — 0 Hours
Time Spent Playing Mythos This Weekend —  10  Hours

There you have it.  I have just been having a great time with Mythos.  It’s a pretty refreshing break from the standard MMO’s that I’ve been playing lately.  It’s the typical hack ‘n’ slash like Diablo 2, but really addictive.  The two main problems that I have with the game so far are the lack of tilesets in maps, and the disconnect issues (expected in a beta, though.)  Also, depending on the way you use your skills, you can gimp yourself pretty well like I did.  Even so, I’m still having a blast and the gear that I’m getting makes up for the poor choices I’ve made in skills (side note:  you get tons of storage space.)  They balance solo and group play pretty well.  If you want more xp and decent loot, you use individual maps, but if you want less xp and much better loot, you go with epic maps (usually 3-5 players.)  Maybe I’ll give Dungeon Runners a try and compare the two for you guys.   More to come.



5 comments so far

  1. Cameron Sorden on

    I don’t suppose that you have beta keys to give away like Bildo does? 😉

  2. kanthalos on

    I’m having a contest for one 🙂

  3. AverageJoe on

    I’m REALLY trying to keep away from these 2, cause I know I would just love it.

  4. Cameron Sorden on

    Silly me. I looked at that post like 2 days ago and it didn’t stick in my head for some reason. Thanks! Entered.

  5. Lars on

    //Maybe I’ll give Dungeon Runners a try and compare the two for you guys.//

    Please do.

    I didn’t like Dungeon Runners at all but I’d still be interested in hearing a side-by-side comparison.

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