Back In EQ2

While I didn’t get a whole lot of gaming done this weekend, I did get back into EQ2 for a while. Basically I decided that everything along the way in Mythos was going to be the same (until they add some more variety to the game) and it would just be better drops, that made it a bit easier for me to step away and give EQ2 some playing time. I did a bit more crafting (I’m a sage) and whipped out a few more quests, and I must say it’s nice to be back. I am really looking forward to getting into some original content aka beyong Thundering Steppes. That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll be back when… I’m back 🙂



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  1. AverageJoe on

    And…. We welcome you back. I really hope you stay 🙂 What server Kanthalos?

  2. kanthalos on

    Antonia Bayle mostly.

  3. Cordanim on

    Hah, look me up with a tell tonight if you’re on – Cordanim, Minadroc, Ewor, Blathmic….oh forget it – look up all my toons on my blog LOL

    easier yet, do a search on /who all Torrent and you’ll find some of us 🙂

  4. Lars on

    Welcome back. Hack and slash game play is a lot of fun on occasion, but its more like a snack. It grows old quick. For me, at any rate. 🙂

    I started some toons on AB recently too: Bagobo and Detinos. They’re rather young though (only level 13), as I spend most of my time on Najena. It appears that AB is the most popular server among bloggers?

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