My Weekend

I must say I had a pretty decent weekend, although I didn’t game QUITE as much as I planned, since EQ2 was down most of Friday and Saturday I decided to go home and spend the day with my family.  Yesterday I did make it from 20 to 24, and learned that I could go to Butcherblock Mountains instead of Thundering Steppes, which for no particular reason, I can’t stand.  I did see Cord and Lars both on, and while we didn’t party, we did get to chat for a while.  Hopefully I’ll get to know both of them a little bit better as I spend more time on AB.  It’s also time to start looking for a guild I think, so if anyone has any suggestions or is willing to let me join your guild, please let me know.  Well, that’s all I’ve really got for now.  I realize posting has been a bit short lately, which is mainly due to getting back into the swing of school, but I’ll try to have something with a bit more substance shortly.  Have a great day.



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  1. Cordanim on

    Hey Kanth – was nice talking to you a bit (brief, I know) the other night.

    Depending on what you’re looking for in a guild, I would suggest talking to Stargrace (or her plethora of alts) or myself.

    Our little guild, Torrent Knights, is just a fun spot to hang and chat while leveling up…we’ll always help out when needed, and I’ve seen a few more people log in lately now that summer’s winding down…

    Who knows, could be fun! If you’re looking for a bit more hard-core, then Stargrace knows some of those guilds and what they’re like…may be worth talking to her about that 🙂

    See ya in game! 🙂

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