My Ex-Girlfriend

I have a pretty strong feeling that someone has used this metaphor at some point, but as my brother pointed out to me over the weekend, this is exactly how I feel about World of Warcraft. When I think back to my times spent in WoW, I think back to all of the positive times I had and how much fun that was, really wanting to jump back into the game. Then I think about why I quit the first time, or the second, or third, or fourth time, and realize that I really don’t want what I’m expecting to get out of it (or remember how crazy, or jealous, or spiteful, or whatever else your ex-girlfriend was.)

I also realize that when I’m reminiscing about WoW, or a single image pops into my head, that it’s of a lower-level zone like Duskwood or STV. This of course means lower level characters and leveling them up again, which I simply cannot do. I’ve gotten six characters to level 25+, four to 40+, three to 60+, and one to 70. I just CANNOT level another character from scratch, plus I’ve played virtually all the classes, and I’m not interested in the rest. I’m sure that I would start it up, get them to about 18, and then think “this is why I broke up with her.” I’m not really attracted to raiding or PvP in WoW anymore, so this really leaves me with nothing, except a little trip down memory lane running through these old zones, which I don’t even think it’s been long enough to classify as such.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying myself in EQ2 and I’m not looking for a new game currently, but I’m sure most of you have felt this way at one point or another. Back to homework.



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  1. Anaktoria on

    I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for WoW…because sometimes you even miss the game, but then you remember why you broke up with it and how much better your life is now! But, yes, I pine for WoW until I remember how much I hate grinding, noobs, and failed PUG instancing. We’re much better off without it in our life:)

  2. taleven on

    I feel this way about almost every MMO out there right now. They just are not designed for replay value. I mean you pretty much see everything with your first character and the stuff you don’t see is not all the much that you’d want to wade through the game again just to see it with an alternate character.

    Then there is the little issue of population at the lower levels does not support a multiplayer game anymore as the population is scarce at best.

    So, Yeah I know how your feeling and I have the same thoughts about the games.

  3. Bildo on

    That’s sort of the curse on anyone’s 1st MMO (if WoW was your 1st). I think of both PSO (hack and slash DC/Gamecube game) and of WoW personally. No other MMO ever got me to stick to it the way WoW did (1+ years concurrently).

    So, what did I do when facing boredom while awaiting Pirates? I bought a month. I played the 1st week a lot, now haven’t touched it in a while. As new as the later zones in Outlands still are for me as I level to 70, there’s not much drive to hit the 70 wall. I like the BGs, I like the 5-mans. But they’re been there, done that.

    And then, besides the fact that I’ve never had it, why work towards the Honor Gear, or even attempt the Arena gear? None of the PvP really matters outside of a means to get gear. It’s not DAoC or PotBS or Spellborn or Conan… PvP has no real weight in the game aside from shiny weapons, and that’s simply not enough for this low-ego gent.

    Basically, it’s always nice to visit home, but you can never really go home again.

  4. kanthalos on

    Actually Asheron’s Call was my first, but that’s long since past, although it wasn’t quite so bad because I played that for nearly four years, so by the time I quit, I was pretty much over it. It was still by far my best MMO experience, though.

  5. KevinC on

    EQ was really my first MMO and I still carry a lot of great moments and memories from that game with me to this day. The genre was so “new” at that point, and EQ so amazing for it’s time, that it really just blew me away. I can remember to this day the emotional response that game evinced in me, and feel sure I’ll never quite capture those feelings again.

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