A Little More About Quests In EQ2

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my readers 😦  I’ve recently been reading some excellent books that I quite honestly wanted to read more than I wanted to play EQ2, but I did get a little bit of time to play, and I checked out some of the quests.  I have to say that wasn’t terribly impressed.  I read through about 7 or 8 quests, and while they did provide a little more insight into what you were actually doing, it certainly didn’t change my outlook on the situation.  This leads me to wonder whether it’s the quests themselves that the writers are working with, so they don’t really have a whole lot of freedom when it comes to writing the story, or whether they just have to write so many of these generic quests that, due to time and creative constraints, it’s difficult for them to devote as much energy and enthusiasm to each and every quest as they should.  I just wanted to get this out to you now, but rest assured, more will come soon.  This might be a couple weeks in the making, as I plan on looking at 20 quests total and then making more assertions then, but I’ll be back into the swing of things shortly and writing about other MMO news.


P.S. The books I’ve been reading are:

Extremely Loud  &  Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer
The Road – Cormac McCarthy
Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

I recommend you check them all out if you can, especially the first — It’s some of the best written fiction I’ve ever read, if not the best.


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