My Current View of EQ2

I’m going to preface this by saying I still enjoy playing EQ2 and I will continue to play it for a while to come most likely, but I think it’s worth writing about. Also, I think some of it is my own fault, but I’ll talk about that later. So here are some of my problems so far:

  • I don’t feel like I’m involved in EQ2, but rather a spectator who gets to jump in from time to time. I don’t feel like I’m a part of it, or that anything I do matters.
  • I don’t enjoy the zones — I think they are too large, and nothing is really connected, it’s all just thrown in to work for quests or to look like it’s getting used. Maybe this gets better as you get further in the game, and perhaps I’m alone in this feeling, but it’s with me nonetheless. I don’t even have a problem with zoning and immersion, it’s just the zones themselves (the three zones I’m referring to so far are Antonica, Thundering Steppes, and Butcherblock Mountains.)
  • I can’t seem to get any help with quests when I ask. People seem friendly enough when I talk to them, but when I ask for a little help with something, I never get a response from anyone, which seem odd to me.
  • I feel like with a decent PC, everything looks close to really good, but not quite, so everything just looks kind of messed up. While it still looks pretty good, I would almost rather play something that wasn’t trying to look so good, but looked crisp and smooth by doing that.
  • I’m not part of a guild yet, and I should be, I just wanted to wait a while before I jumped into some random guild I knew nothing about. Maybe that’s where I should start and if I don’t like the people, I could just look for another one. This makes me feel completely alone in the game, and while I do prefer soloing most of the time, I still enjoy talking to people while I do that. I also want a guild where I can help others and they can help me in return.

Through all of these problems I still want to play this game, because I think it has a lot to offer, and I think once I get in with a good guild and meet some friends, a lot of this will go away, but for now I’m a bit frustrated, and I feel like I have to force myself to like it right now. I really hope this changes, because you should never have to do this with a game in my opinion, and I never have with an MMO, but I feel like with as much as it has to offer, it’s worth trying for a bit longer.



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  1. Lars on

    If you aren’t enjoying a game, you shouldn’t force yourself to keep playing it. Just leave, and don’t look back. Your time is a valuable resource so don’t waste it; find something you enjoy more.

    However, if you do like the game, and just feel alone in the world, you should find a guild. It really makes all the difference. For me, half the attraction of these games is the community anyway. There are a few large casual friendly guilds on AB that would be good places to start.

    If you need help on quests and see me on, just ask. I always help when I can.

  2. The Lone Egg on

    Everquest got levels 1-20 just right with Darklight Woods and Kelethin but after that it just lost a lot of steam for me. I would gladly go back if the rest of the grind was as fun as the beginning.

  3. Reb on

    The Lone Egg nailed it for me. Even after picking up Echoes of Faydwer I just felt the game doesn’t have as much to offer past the two newest 1-20 zones. Those two zones are pretty masterful in their design, especially Darklight Woods. But everything after that just felt hollow.

    I think I’ve given up trying to really enjoy it. You can’t say I haven’t tried.

  4. rspyda on

    I’ve played EQ2 from the beginning and currently hve four level 70’s spread across two accounts, so it’s fair to say I’m a bit of an EQ2 fanboy. Yetr I find myself agreeing with almost all of your points. I think the feeling of loneliness is simply because most EQ2 players have been playing for quite a while. Sure there are new starters but I think these are very much in the minority. Most of the people you see running around will have developed long standing friendships and cliques, even the low level toons you see will most likely be alts of high level players, and they will play there alts with guild mates. Once you get into a guild things will change, it’s just finding the guild that is right for you.

    I personaly love the large, open zones such as Antonica, but I will freely admit that it may well be nostalgia. You are spot on about the lack of cohesion though, this is even more apparent on the third or fourth time through!! If you can manage to perservere until your toon is in its mid 40’s you will be able start the quests in the Desert of Flames expansion pack. That markes a turning point for EQ2 as far as I’m concerned as everything since then has been MUCH better.

    It’d be a pity if you were to give up as I think you would be missing out on one of the great MMO’s in my opinion. I play WoW too, and whilst they are very similar in theory, the two games offer enough diversty to play both.

  5. kanthalos on

    I just hit level 25, and I’m with the group that thinks you shouldn’t have to “stick it out” to get to the good content, especially from 25 to 40, that’s something like 30-50 hours of gameplay, more time than I have to simply get to the good stuff. I’m still on the fence.

  6. tipa on

    Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I really enjoyed the 20s in the Ruins of Varsoon and surroundings, and the 30s in Enchanted Lands, Zek and Runnyeye. In very typical EQ fashion, zones are large enough that every corner has something unique.

    Even on my alts, I don’t have trouble finding groups. That said, I only play EQ2 for fun, so many times I am not even working on specific quests, I just like being with fun people and running around killing stuff (and as a result, I’m behind on some important questlines).

    My strategy when I log in is to work on some solo things, like language or collection quests or perhaps some harvesting or crafting, while keeping my ears open for groups. I have a fury, defiler and bruiser all around 40, and a brigand around 30, so I don’t usually have to wait long to get in a fun romp through Runnyeye or Lavastorm or Solusek’s Eye or the hundred other fun zones.

    I had the same deal in WoW and EQ2. Having a lot of alts means there’s always SOMETHING to do.

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