The WOW in WoW

Ok, so I’ve been brooding about this for several weeks now and I decided it’s finally time to hunker down and get to the heart of this (or what I think the heart of it is.) It has been nearly six months since I last played WoW and I left on a very sour note. I’d just left my guild of six months due to some major drama stemming from Karazhan mostly. I joined a new guild, but decided that I just didn’t have my heart in it anymore so I decided to quit. I didn’t look back until about a month ago when the siren began attempting to lure me back once again. I currently have one 70, two 60’s, a 43, and a 24. I’ve done and seen it all, minus a couple end-game instances. I’ve done it A LOT, actually. There are two exceptions to this, however, which are the Draenei and Blood Elf starting areas. This is basically what I would be going back to the game for if I decided to return to WoW. I realize that this would only keep me occupied for something like a month, and I might even get bored before that. Even then, everything looks PRETTY much the same, and I’ve played all of the classes except a paladin, so why do I feel this intense desire to jump back in? Here it is:


Everything in WoW fits. The art style, the zones, the classes, the creatures, the UI, the combat, and everything else just seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle with every piece accounted for and in the right place. While there have been bits and pieces of this that I’ve found in several other games, World of Warcraft simply did it right, in almost every way imaginable. In every other game, there is either something I find lacking severely (many things actually) or it just seems like things were tacked on or forced together when they just don’t mesh. No, WoW didn’t push the boundaries much, but everything they did worked. It might not have been what every single person wanted, but it was flawless for the people who did enjoy it. I’m not even talking about polish per say, I’m not talking about lack of bugs or class balance or anything like that, I’m talking about the way the game FEELS. I feel like it’s a real world when I jump into Azeroth, like my character is tapping his foot, sighing while waiting for me to return.  I feel like I’m in the rainforest in Un’Goro Crater, like I’m in a desert in Silithus. In EQ2 (at least right now) I feel like I have to push myself to even approach this feeling of immersion and seamlessness, like I’m watching a moving painting or something. A game can look incredibly beautiful, but if nothing fits together, it’s not going to work. I don’t mean to pick on EQ2, it’s like this with a lot of other MMO’s I’ve tried, EQ2 is just the one I happen to be playing currently.

All that said, I’m not sure that I will be coming back to WoW real soon. I might, and if I do, I realize it will probably be short lived, but I’m just itching to set foot in Azeroth again.



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  1. Bildo on

    I’ll tell you this much, it felt very good to scratch that itch for me, considering my gaming duldrums of late…

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