One small step for man, one big check for Richard Garriott

According to a Reuters article, Richard Garriott is shipping out into space next year on a trip to the moon. The price tag? $30 million. I for one had no idea he had that sort of money. While that seems unbelievably expensive, I do think it would be pretty cool. I think I’ll wait another 30-40 years and if it’s within my budget by that point or our planet is about to explode resulting in a mass exodus, then maybe I’ll have my shot at going into space 🙂



3 comments so far

  1. Bildo on

    He’ll be very sad he spent that money once TR sinks. 🙂

  2. kanthalos on

    So basically the game is fun, but it’s not worth a monthly subscription, is that a fair assessment?

  3. buckie on

    For a while, he thought the Koreans were paying for the ride. Not only is he buying the ticket, but now he’s boasting about buying the $15M spacewalk upgrade. A few years back he was telling people he didn’t have the money for the ticket, that he lost a fortune in the dotcom bust. My guess is–he’s paying for it with stock options that he can sell when TR is finally released. What dopes those Koreans are!

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