One Mythos Beta Key

I have one Mythos beta invite to give away, so here it is.  It’s another extremely objective contest in which you tell me your favorite book, and I choose “the best one.”  The contest will end at midnight EST on the 26th.  If you win, just send me your e-mail address and I’ll get you set up.  Let’s see what you’ve got!


P.S. If you want to submit and don’t need/want a key, just put “for fun” or something next to it so I know.

P.P.S. I will be back with something meatier soon 🙂


20 comments so far

  1. Galacton on

    Hello, I have been looking all over for one of these so let me know.


  2. mavenfool on

    My favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

    I know that it’s past the 26th, but I’m posting in the hope that you didn’t give the beta invite away since the other responder didn’t answer your question.

    mavenfool AT


  3. Whist on

    Glory Season – David Brin. Clones, high seas adventure and forgotten cities not to mention a female dominated society visited by Earth.

    And yes, I really want Mythos 😛

  4. Crazykinux on

    So who won the key?

  5. kanthalos on

    I gave the key to galacton because he was the only one that responded. I actually gave it a few extra days but didn’t recieve anything else, so.. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get another invite soon.

  6. alucard on

    Hi i really need a key ^^ , all my friend are playing the game and i loved d2 and d1 so it wood be awsome if i can have its thx mate

  7. alucard on

    thats my mail buy the way

  8. alucard on

    thx mate ^^ if you need something i gladly returns the favor

  9. theouroboros on

    hey if you have an extra key then i would really appreciate it thx dubunash AT

  10. MaDsPLoiTz on

    My favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, I do want in the Mythos beta, if you get any more keys.


  11. Whanny on

    Looks like you gave it away. But here is my favourite book.

    The River God – Wilbur Smith

    whannyd AT

  12. skye on


  13. kanthalos on

    I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any more keys to give out, and they aren’t giving players keys anymore that I know of. I think it’s headed towards open beta fairly soon though, so keep an eye out.

  14. Dave on

    please oh please send me one MYTHOS key im dying for this game

  15. Qman on

    Hi all , if some keys left , plz give me on of these , thank you very much !!
    By all !!
    Ps : I really need a key , thx !!

  16. Qman on

    Sorry , my email is :

  17. Max on

    Hi ! i discovered this game, and i really really want to try it, so if you still have keys i will be glad if you can send me one :

  18. Tony on

    Hey i really love to have the beta key !
    so if you can send it to me i will be really happy 😀

    if you send here is the email :

  19. Tony on

    I like the book lord of the rings by Tolkien

    Email :

  20. Ryan on

    i am dieing to get into beta i want to be one of the first players on thr game cuz i love fate and diablo if i could get a beta key i would die. plz e-mail a key if possible at
    P.S. I love anne rice books and J.R. Tolkien

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