Something Crazy This Way Comes…

As many posts inevitably do, this one started off as a comment to Bildo’s most recent post.  He was talking mostly about the soon-to-be released Super Mario Galaxy as well as HG:L.  I’ve never been a die-hard Mario fan.  I of course enjoyed the first four, and 64 was fun as well as (super) paper mario, I just never really devoted myself to any but the Super Mario World.  I think that’s going to change with this one, though.  I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of my own as my wii playing is getting a bit stale, and I think the potential for fun is huge with the wiimote.  It would be a nice wedding/birthday (one day apart) present *wink wink*.  The fiancee still loves her copy of RE4 but I need something else.  Speaking of which, Umbrella Chronicles is also quickly approaching, though we aren’t too sure about the whole rail shooter style…

As for HG:L it’s still up for debate whether I’ll get that or not.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to balance three games at the same time, especially since the end of the semester is coming to a close faster than I’d like with three major projects (a 20-page story, an 8 page story, and 4 copies of a book that I create with a personal manifesto) on the way. AAAGGGHHHHH *hides in his Wii-and-WoW corner*



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