On Raiding

Now that my fiancee and I are back into WoW, we’re starting to consider our raiding options for the future.  Our server, which I’ll leave nameless for now, is not all that advanced in terms of raiding guilds.  There are five or six who have even began on Serpentshrine Cavern only twelve or so that have done Gruul and Mag’s Lairs.  For now, this is fine.  There are a few dozen guilds who have completed at least half of Kara which will be more than enough to get started.  Basically, we want to join a guild that has completed Kara and can run through it pretty efficiently, basically so that it isn’t just a wipefest.  We’ve still yet to set foot inside the instance, so we probably shouldn’t be so picky, but after nearly nine months of the expansion, there should be enough experience from a handful of guilds (on my server) that this isn’t too much to ask.   Once we get through Kara for a few weeks, it might be time to jump into something a little heavier, which leads to a new problem.

As stated, there are very few guilds that are pretty advanced into BC raid content on our server, and those that are are basically set with the crew they have now, which will make it rather difficult to get into and even if we do, becoming an important part of the guild (which is what we ultimately want) might be a bit difficult.  This leaves the option of possibly transferring servers if funds become available to do so.  This of course is not something that can be done randomly for a popular server.  If this does in fact open itself up, we’d basically need to have a guild offering us a spot before we went so we don’t blow $50 (two characters, Tonks and Anaktoria) only to find that the server we’re on is a very well-established server with no place for us.

Even if we do find a good fit in terms of a guild on whichever server that may be, there is still the question of “what’s the point?”  The next expansion will probably hit shelves sometime between Q3 of 2008 and Q1 of 2009 which leaves about 10-13 months to raid and gain gear that will soon be deleted in favor of 73 greens.  Actually, on a side note, I really hope this isn’t the case.  I think that if Blizzard has any sense, they will make the best gear available now last all the way through to level 80 end-game.  That way people will feel far less resentment and frustration when they drop they gear that took hundreds of hours to obtain just days into the expansion.  Sorry, got a little sidetracked, but it does sort of fit in.  The point of raiding is both to obtain gear (primary reason) as well as enjoy the instances and time with guild members (secondary reason.)  So those are the “points” of raiding, and as for the gear lasting longer with the next expansion, if that happens, I will be much more likely to take raiding quite seriously and pay to transfer our characters to a new server (unless we find ourselves attached to a guild here.)

So there it is.  I’m really torn right now about whether I want to focus more on the guild or on the gear, as our guild pre-BC was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the company, but didn’t advance nearly as far as we would have liked.  I hope this doesn’t come off as too selfish, but we also don’t want to invest myself too fully into a guild that isn’t what we’re looking for.  Hopefully we can find a healthy balance, and not find ourselves crying come the next expansion as we find ourselves typing “DELETE” once again.

I hope that was at least somewhat coherent.



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