One Crazy Week

So it’s been six days and change since Anaktoria and I have been married, and things are finally starting to settle down.  She’s been able to move most of her stuff into the apartment, and now it’s time for thank you’s and cleaning (and WoW.)  I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, and most of our family members were able to make it, so we were both ecstatic about the whole thing, but things have been a bit crazy lately.

I had more homework than I care to explain due before Wednesday, which I pulled off pretty well.  Also, my brother kindly donated his old computer so Anaktoria and I could each play WoW together, though the system has continuously been plagued with one issue or another when it comes to WoW.  That said, we made the hour trip to my parents house and picked up my old PC, which is still running pretty well (though there was a collection of a baseball size amount of dust and dust bunnies which needed to be blown out) so we’ve brought that back and are patching it as I’m writing.  It seems to be going smoothly so we’ll see how it works.  We’re both looking forward to getting back to playing together.

On the WoW front, Ana has been able to join a new guild that she’s enjoying.  Working with another guild (the two are partnered for raiding) she was able to clear Karazhan in two nights and gain three epics in the process.  While I’m really excited for her, I also realize that she owes me BIG TIME 🙂  I’ve gotten Tonks up to 67 and am trying to decide where to head to next.  I just want to get to 70 and start running instances and work towards raiding again.

Well there’s a general update of everything that’s been going on this past week.  It’s been absolutely crazy and I’m glad it’s all coming to a close nicely.  Ana might start guest posting from time to time also.  Have a great weekend everyone!



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  1. Bildo on

    Congrats guys, and enjoy marriage. It’s certainly not as bad as the cynics would lead you to believe. 🙂

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