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Since Kanthalos is at class and swamped with homework until early December, I figured it was about time for a new blog entry and who better to post it than…Anaktoria! That’s right, the (wo)man, the myth, and the legend right here right now to blog about the woes of Warcraft and the angst of Azeroth.

Anyhoo, on with the entry.

I rejoined the wild World of Warcraft about a month ago after about a 6-9 month break. Since then I’ve went through some interesting changes. As a level 70 mage, I’m left with a few options. I could run Kara for some epics and then attempt to move on to harder and more challenging raids. I could PvP till the cows come home and end up with some nice Gladiator gear, or I could raise my tailoring skill to about a bazillion and craft myself some epic sets. Nevermind the 5,000 gold for an epic flying mount. The point is that currently this seems like a lot more work than play.

It all boils down to gear and gold. You can’t get into a good raiding guild without being geared (and thusly you get gear from being in a good raiding guild), you can’t run some of the harder endgame raids without great gear due to the fact you’ll get crushed like an annoying insect by the bosses, and you can’t run heroics (a slightly easier way to get gear instead of attempting the horror that is a Kara PUG) unless you’re geared enough to attract a strong PUG and survive the run. If you have enough gold, you can just buy yourself some epics, but we’re talking thousands what with the price on mats and labor.

I’m not a big fan of PvP because…well…I’m Alliance. That says enough about our battlegrounds right there. So many decisions, which one is right? Seriously, I’m open to suggestions. My relationship with WoW is of a love-hate nature. I love the game, but I hate how I end up feeling adrift and lost when all of these tedious options arise. Maybe someday an MMO will come along that doesn’t give me these unsavory feelings when I hit the level cap. I certainly hope so.

The season one arena gear becomes purchasable with battleground honor tomorrow. That’s a start. Hit up those EotS, AV and AB double honor weekends and you’ll have some epics in no time. I’ve got my eyes on a staff, and that’ll help. I’ve found a guild that can run Kara well and most of the members are pretty decently geared and that’s another start. You can always farm for money and mats, but that’s another one of the ‘more work than play’ aspects of WoW. Sure, there are great times in WoW, especially when you find a guild full of friendly and helpful people, but sometimes the negatives outweigh the benefits. Then again, I’ve tried other MMOs and they just can’t spark that initial ‘ooh’ factor that World of Warcraft did for me in the very beginning.

So for now I trudge on in the pursuit of epics and leveling alts. I’m sure you’ll hear more from me again, and most likely about WoW. Kanthalos sends his regards, but graduating college > MMOs at the moment. I hope you enjoyed my WoW insight.



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  1. damianov on

    Off topic: Welcome to the blogosphere! Glad to finally “meet” you.

    On topic: the problem of how to deal with activity at/after the “cap” has always been an issue, in game after game. (I’ve ranted about the very concept of the “end game” too many times on my own blog, so I won’t waste electrons here with that…)

    I guess in the final analysis, it boils down to what activities you enjoy. It sounds like the raiding subgame meets your needs, in which case, I think you have an excellent plan of attack for getting to where you want to be. If not, I’m sure what to suggest… as you point out, the options are fairly constrained.

    The “advancement” game is largely gone (without starting a new character, at least)… the remaining options are all tied to a relatively extended “grind” of one form or another. I guess, in the end, it’s a matter of choosing a least irritating path and running with it.

    Wish I had a brilliant insight to offer… hopefully the “epics and alts” strategy will fit the bill. Again, welcome!

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