Three More Weeks…

Just like Anaktoria said, I’ve been completely swamped lately.  I just finished up a 20-page story for one class and I have four handmade books that I have to create for another that are due on Monday, that I’ve yet to start on.  I have little doubt that I’ll perform some miracle and get them all whipped out, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not freaking out about it.  The funny thing is that finals week doesn’t have me any more worried than a typical week, but two weeks before is driving me crazy.

But that’s not why you guys are here, is it?  No, so here’s what’s been happening on the gaming front.  I decided that it was finally time to start playing Kanthalos, my druid, again, so I transferred him to the server I spend most of my time on.  While financially it might not have been the best decision, I’m glad that he’s finally going to get used again, and I’m having fun with him.  Initially I wanted him to go balance (boomkin!) for leveling, but I was struggling quite a bit with that, so I fell back on feral, which is working out like a dream, even with my not-fully-replaced caster gear.  I’m not too comfortable tanking yet, but I’ll get the hang of it so I am basically guaranteed a spot in any 5-man that I want.  He’s halfway through 62 now, and it probably won’t be more than a month before he’s 70, but as I’ve done it three times (twice in the past two months) I’m not pushing it this time.

As for Tonks and Anaktoria, things have been going great, particularly for Ana.  Since hitting 70 about three weeks ago, she has accumulated — 9 epics.  She’s the picture you see when you look up the definition of lucky.  She’s found a slot to fill in perfectly for our sister guild, and since they are pretty geared out already, she gets any caster gear that drops almost without exception.  I’ve gotten two pieces with Tonks, and will likely be adding many more to the list once school is out.  While there is a little bit of guild drama going around about too many and not enough people wanting to run Karazhan, it’s sill working out pretty well for most and we feel good about our guild choice.

That’s all I really have for now.  I’ll try to get back to you soon with hopefully something more than a diary of my real and game lives, but for now, that’s all I really have time to offer.  Don’t lose faith!  I’m not going anywhere.



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