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The End is only the Beginning

Well, it’s (not quite) official, but I just took my last final earlier today, so I’m a free man! No more schooling (at least in the forseeable future,) so now it’s time to start looking for jobs. Before that, however, is my honeymoon with Anaktoria! We are heading out for Chattanooga, TN tomorrow morning. We were originally going to leave Sunday morning, but there are 6-10 inches of snow scheduled to drop on us by then, so we’re trying to escape before the roads get too bad. We will be gone until Thursday night, a few days before the holiday festivities begin, which means even more travel to visit our families. I can’t wait for everything to begin, though. I can assure you that once the new year is here, there will be many more postings, and far fewer “journal entries.”

That’s all I really have for now, other than I just switched Kanthalos to Resto at 69, so I’m curious to see how I enjoy that. In case I don’t get to post again before 2008, I hope everyone stays safe until then, and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!



On Graphics

I went home last night to visit my family and watch the Colts game, but more importantly, to see my brothers new computer run Vanguard.  I was utterly shocked by the amount of detail that went into the graphics in this game.  While I knew the graphics were astounding, I couldn’t believe the degree of detail on everything.  Games like this are fun to look at for a while, but they also present a serious problem for me.  When everything becomes this photo-realistic, I tend to notice every little flaw, which irritates me far more than it would in say World of Warcraft.  For instance, when he was riding around on his horse and jumped, his back stayed perfectly straight, and I couldn’t help but think how unrealistic this is.

While these minor details do irritate me, I find that the thing that upsets me most is that without a top-of-the-line computer (and router as he quickly discovered) these games just don’t look right (at least in my estimation.)  This was my biggest problem with EQ2.  I would watch him play on his computer with the settings maxed out before heading home to play on my PC that’s two years old, where everything was slightly blurry and distorted.  I would much rather play a game that sets the bar a little bit lower but does so in an excellent manner than one that sets it so high that only 5% or so of all players can run it at the max settings and play it the way it’s supposed to be played.  Yes, I had other problems with EQ2 that lead me to stop playing, but this was the ultimate deciding factor to be sure.

I’m honestly not sure whether the point of this post is to note the incredible graphics Vanguard has, or the problems that can come alongside them.  In any case, I’m pleased with the graphics of World of Warcraft for the time being, at least until a better balance between realistic graphics and realistic actions is found.