Anarchy Online Graphics Update

I just watched a video of the new Anarchy Online graphics engine. I must say it’s rather impressive, fairly equivalent to EQ2. In any case, if this was a video of a new game coming out, I wouldn’t think twice about whether the graphics were up to par with other games coming out soon. My only real question is how they could afford to do this with a free-to-play game, running only on in-game advertisements. Also, are they planning on starting to charge players for the game or are they going to stick with advertising? If enough players come back, they might be kicking themselves by not charging. Then again, perhaps fewer players would come back or some players might leave if they did start charging for a subscription. Furthermore, players of the game now might not be able to play with the new graphics engine, which could cause quite a stir. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.



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  1. cyanbane on


    Thats quite an overhaul.

  2. Curious George on

    I’ll have to get my 200-something (can’t recall what level I left him at) ‘Crat out once this change goes live.

  3. Clay on

    Ao it’s -entirely- free. There are now three options:
    1) Free, AKA Froob. You get access to all of the original game, and the first expansion Notum Wars
    2) The new Shadowlands subscription which is like the Froob option, but you can access Shadowlands content. It’s $5 a month.
    3) Regular subscription if you have one or more of the other expansions, Alien Invasion, or Lost Eden.
    $15 a month.

    If you Opt for a subscription you don’t get bugged with the in game advertisements on billboards. Also the new Graphics I believe will be available to all players, subscription or not.

  4. Chixxy on

    The grapx engine is the same as Age of conan – which funcom already have been paid for to develop. So integrate it into One of the longest and best MMOs out there ( yepp old palyer here to) is not hard or costly at all.

    This will make sure all old players like me are returning and Atlantean and Rimor (the servers) will be crowded again with good pvping and hunting.

    But they could do something about the ingame storys – philip ross ftw. it all ends at 220 for every froobs – no high end content besides pvp. which is funnier now with mechs and stations.

    No – eq2 ftw until new gphx comes along.

  5. Pomakik on

    actualy its only free for froobs there is a sub fee for the full game

  6. Trey(Guiatdude57 on

    i think if you pay you get to choose the new graphics update. but if your froob your stuck with suck graphics.

  7. Sibyl Copa on

    How can IE and Firefox generate income? Where is the revenue source being released from?

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