A Modern MMO without “Thottbot”?

Even back in 1999 when I first started playing Asheron’s Call ( several months after release) there was a website around that was there to post all of the monthly patch info with all the quest walkthroughs and other new additions to the game. It was a life-saver, it really was. Without that website, it was nearly impossible to find consistent, helpful information in a timely manner when trying to do the quests. It could be done, but it was simply a question of conveniece. You and your guildmates could take several hours trying to do it yourselves, or you could have the whole thing completed in a half an hour with the reward in your pack. Though I never played EQ, it sounds like Allakhazam was the same way (which has expanded since then.) Today we still have Allakhazam, Thottbot, WowHead, etc. that answer virtually every question we have, whether it’s from the actual information they give or the comments posted by players. With this in mind, I guess the question that I’m asking is two-fold:

Are there any players who choose not to use any of this information, and does this add to the immersion and role-playing aspects of the game at all?

I think for me its a question of whether it’s there or not. I love the idea of asking players for help on how to complete a quest, but this also means that a player has to be willing to help me out with an answer. Also, I don’t want to feel like an annoyance or a burden to my friends or guildmates if I need information they have (and likewise, I could see myself being annoyed after answering too many questions.) That said, if I can pop out to a website and get the information in 30 seconds, then I’m going to do that.

Is there a way to actually create a game that would require the aid of other players in gaining information that couldn’t simply be put on a website for all to see? Continuing this line of though, would players be willing to play with a system like this or would they get too frustrated that they couldn’t always find a walkthrough or coordinates or the name of the vendor they need instantly?

Like the last question, it’s something that’s difficult to answer if you aren’t presented with both options. There are times when I can’t find the answer I need and I become frustrated, yet there are times when this lack of a direct answer seems like a nice challenge. This largely depends on my mood, as well as how long it takes me to find the solution.

What do you think? Would you be willing to play a game where answers were more secretive, held closely to the chest? Is this ever going to be possible again?



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  1. Garumoo on

    I’d play a game like that, so long as it was designed with that in mind .. if there were lots of in-context clues available which fit in with the world (ie. would makes sense even if the quest didn’t exist).

    If the game world was designed such that there was world impact at the ecology level, this could also make it more interesting: when told by the quest giver to go kill 10 foozles, you’d need to know where they are .. and they probably won’t be in the region where they’ve recently been slaughtered. They’ve likely migrated elsewhere, and you’d need to ask local players where they’ve seen them lately.

    Apart from quests, the game world could be designed such that different servers are subtly different, and so the knowledge from one server doesn’t apply to other servers. This is particularly possible with crafting, where the same end product might require slightly different materials. This would be even more true if
    crafters could work towards discovering or inventing new products

    Then, if the effort and cost of research is big enough, with lots of possible dead ends and wasted efforts, it would make any worthwhile discoveries valuable to keep a secret. Nonetheless, I’m sure there would still be much sharing of research data.

  2. Mryoto on

    Well I got to 75 on FFXI and 70 twice on WoW without
    ever using thotbot or something because I think it is kinda like cheating and that is only fun in GTA so if a game like this came out I would be all over it but if it had to do with anything like dragons and epic swords then hell no that crap is not original anymore, we should have a game thats like city of heroes except its just that the heroes are like police and S.W.A.T and the villains are like Gangs or the mafia, But that draws from the point its just kinda stupid that when you cant find something to kill you go on thotbot and are humping the internet for an answer.

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