Tokens/Trophies for Every Boss Drop?

I was reading through comments on Tobold’s post about rewards in raids. Someone mentioned having tokens drop for every piece of gear…

I think this is an excellent idea! This would work well both for raids and 5-man instances. It’s not like you’re losing an immersion factor by turning in the tokens to an NPC for the items anyway. I actually think it INCREASES immersion. Does Hydross carry around a backpack with a robe, a plate helm, leather shoulders, and so on? Even if it’s sitting in a chest behind the boss, why would they even have those items to begin with? You’re much more likely to get rewarded by an NPC than have a water elemental drop a robe that fits on a gnome. Why not let all of those drops be token or trophy rewards instead? Say Lurker’s would be “Scale of The Lurker Below” and Hydross would have “Essence of Hydross The Unstable,” etc.. Bosses that drop tiered gear would just drop both. These could also function as quests, which would help us learn more about the bosses as well as get another monetary or reputation reward.

The FIRST time we killed The Lurker Below we DE’ed a reward because it wasn’t even needed by any of our pallies (they had better items that weren’t even from a 25-man raid, go figure…) so we had to shard the drop. This just seems asinine to me. When competition for gear is so high and drops are so low, shouldn’t raiders at least be able to use every drop that they get? Even moreso when you are just entering a new instance killing new, harder bosses.

Hopefully we’ll see a change like this at some point, but I doubt it will be any time soon.



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