A bit on Age of Conan

I just listened to the podcast Brent posted which got me looking into AoC a bit more, and I must say I’m getting excited. After doing a little bit of digging on their website, I saw this:

“Player guilds can fight for the right to control large battlekeeps. Once captured, players will have to defend their property against the ruthless attacks of other players, driven by both greed and envy. At the same time players can also build entire cities outside the Border Kingdom, which other players can not attack! You must however be prepared to defend them from sieges brought on by computer-controlled enemies hiving next to your city.”This is something that I’ve been waiting for and describing for quite a while. I’ve always wanted to have guild-run outposts or towns that needed to be guarded and could be captured. This system offers the best of both worlds really. You and your guild (or perhaps an alliance of guilds) can vie for control of either the bigger, more powerful battlekeeps. In this case, you have to defend it from other players. If you aren’t looking for quite as much of a challenge, you can always build towns or cities and remain safe from players, but risk attack from (what I would imagine to be somewhat weaker and easier) NPC combatants. Also, from what I understand, these fortifications players built are entirely destructible which allows guilds to become far more invested in protecting their investment (be it time or money, or likely both.)

This coupled with the seemingly revolutionary combat being implemented in Conan, I can’t help but feel a twinge of anticipation and excitement. That said, I’m not sold on the style (the mature theme) of the game yet. That’s not to say that I won’t play it because of that, but more to say that if I’m not convinced of its necessity, it will be tough for me to enjoy playing this game. I haven’t done much research on Warhammer so I’m not sure whether they are implementing a system similar to this, but seeing as that game seems to be equally or even more geared towards PvP (or RvR if you will,) I’m curious to see how they stack up in this respect. It might come down to a few minor or major differences in the two that help players decide which is their game of choice.



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