Gear Upgrades in WotLK

As Robert pointed out in his comment on the release date on WotLK, the gear that millions of players spent countless hours obtaining prior to the Burning Crusade became obsolete by the time most players hit 63-64. Sure, there was some gear that you could keep until 67-68, but it likely wasn’t any better than the green items you recieved from quests.

I think this was a feeling shared by a great deal of players, and almost unquestionably amongst raiders. if you were decked out in tiered gear, be it 1, 2, or 3, it was tough to destroy that gear for a quest item less than halfway through the expansion.

While I understand that they wanted to even the playing field for those players who hadn’t had the chance or the desire to raid before the expansion, they should have done a better job of scaling the tiered gear to last longer into the expansion. Until you hit level 70, and started to run the toughest 5-mans, there should have been no reason to upgrade from tier 2 or 3 gear. Yes, tier 1 could have been upgraded as it wasn’t entirely difficult to get, but the others were a different story.

With that said, I think WotLK won’t follow this path. I think (or hope rather) that Blizzard will fix the mistake they made with the first expansion and make higher end gear last longer (something like 78-80.) If they do end up with a similar situation to Burning Crusade, I will likely play my way to 80, though I would have serious issues ever raiding again in WoW.



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