An Unsung Moneymaker in MMO’s

Everyone is always talking about how much money MMO’s make through subscriptions. This is certainly where the vast majority of earnings come from for these games, but what about character transfers, as well as the recent paid name change?

This seems like an immense source of revenue for these games. Let’s just look at my past history of character transfers on the two accounts I’m associated with. When my wife decided she wanted her own account to play her mage on a while ago, we did that, so that cost $25. Next, I transferred my druid off of a server that I wasn’t playing on anymore. Another $25. Now recently, as stated in the last post, four of our characters got transferred to our new server which was another $100. I also disliked the name I picked upon transferring, which I spent $10 to change. That’s $160 total.

One of our friends who transferred to the new server is bringing six characters! $150

Another friend has brought two characters — $50

Another friend is bringing three — $75

Another friend has brought two — $50

Another friend has brought two — $50

This means that we have spent a total of $475 just to transfer these character from the original server to this server, not to mention the additional $60 I spent on the other transfers, the name change, or any other transfers my friends have made. That’s $535 ON TOP OF the subscriptions we are paying for the game. Character transfers are constantly happening, and I can see situations like ours being somewhat commonplace. With all that said, I would love to know exactly how much World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2 are making on these transfers in addition to their subscription revenue.



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  1. 160$ just for server moves is not bad. but i think the normal player will not reach that ammounts. From my friends who play wow is only one who transferred 2 characters. all others have not payed anything but the subscriptions.

  2. Lars on

    Most people don’t transfer characters, so I doubt its a huge money maker. The price is intended mostly to deter abuse.

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