Belated but big update

So… wow… here goes.

About three weeks ago, I grew to be very upset with the way things were going in my guild, and was on the downswing of my WoW stint, ready to quit. Progression had completely ceased and raid attendance was falling off dramatically, so I was done. That all changed however when a friend in the guild offered to transfer two of my characters as well as two of my wife’s characters to a server he’d recently been playing on with a friend. They were a part of a Karazhan guild who had everything cleared, but needed a few extra spots to fill. This was kind of a good thing for me in that it gave me a chance to play my resto druid which had been collecting dust, and it also gave my wife a few people to level her new shammy alongside (four characters all around her level) so she was excited. At first we were a little reluctant because we felt bad about someone else paying $100 to transfer four characters for us, but he kept insisting, and we finally caved and he transferred our characters over for us.

Now comes the truly interesting part. The day after we decided to transfer our characters, I logged on with another character on my old server who was in the guild to find a guild message of the day saying “******* is disbanding.” WHAT? Now I wasn’t happy in the guild, and I had called this several weeks earlier, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon or in such a fashion. The guild leader told noone (except his little clique of 6-8 players) prior to placing every character on probation so that they couldn’t speak to each other in guild chat or access the guild bank which he promptly transferred to his new guild which he’d formed and brought his clique into. Over the next few days he brought in a lot of the same players in as before, but instead of being up front with the players he didn’t want in the guild originally, he simply remade the guild and invited the players he wanted back. Several rejoined, but after talking with many of them, they understand how poorly the GM acted, and are seriously considering leaving, especially due to the fact that they don’t even have enough players to run 25-mans.

Now I’m shifting back to my new guild and server. For the first two weeks things were going pretty well, but now we are starting to have some issues with raid attendance in this guild as well as having a lot of members that we really don’t want to be associated with, not to mention an inactive GM, so we’ve made our own guild and taken the best members from the old guild as well. The problem now arises in that we need 3-4 consistent healers, which is what every other guild on the server is trying to recruit. We (the 6 players who left our old server for this one) have all been offered a spot in an really nice guild with excellent progression. I am currently in the process of moving, however, and am not sure I would be able to devote myself fully to a new guild, though. They told us to take our time and that there wasn’t any rush, so this is looking like a pretty appealing option.

So that’s the majority of what’s been going on with me in World of Warcraft. I have also been playing quite a bit of Mythos, patiently awating the addition of Zone 3, which offers a new zone, crafting, and PvP. I’ve also been itching to hop back into LotRO, but I’m putting that off because I have these two games as well as another beta to keep me busy. I will undoubtedly succumb to my wishes and experience gaming overload (I’ve also got Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Mario Galaxies to play on the Wii!)



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  1. Keen on

    This type of e-drama is exactly why I really don’t like guilds at all. For the few years that I played WoW I was in 3 guilds on 3 separate servers and all 3 imploded due to drama.

    It’s tempting to never guild again. I’m glad everything worked out well for you though. 🙂

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