A Crazy Mythos Build: Tesla Widgets

I had a level 14 gadgeteer on elite mode that a guildmate had power-leveled, so I had 14 levels worth of skill points and attributes do distribute. After looking around at a few builds, I decided I would give tesla widgets a shot. I’d heard that they were impressive, but I’d never tried them or seen them in action, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Basically, tesla widgets work by using electrical damage to drain the life of surrounding enemies. Generally the way these builds work is you max the tesla tree and supplement them with suppression widgets (which slow down enemies) and galvanic widgets (which add even more electrical damage.) At first you really don’t need to worry about any sort of weapon damage because they widgets you summon don’t stick around long enough for you to use any other skills. When you first begin, all you have time to do is continuously summon tesla widgets. As time goes on, you can gradually add in suppression widgets, and around 28 or so, you can start adding in galvanic widgets, which basically make you unstoppable. If you have a strong set of minion damage gear to add on, you can easily solo epic maps your level, which is tough to impossible for almost any other class because anything that lives for more than a few seconds will get held off by the suppression widgets.

Once you get to around level 40 and you’ve more or less maxed tesla, galvanic, and suppression widgets, you can either go over to boom zipper widgets, which move to the nearest creature and explode (fire damage to supplement your electrical damage) or use a skill like napalm or piercing barrage coupled with insight/rally (increase defense/attack rating per kill.) In any case, this is a build that I think is a lot of fun. Some say that it’s boring since you aren’t actually killing anything yourself (or rarely that is) but I think that you might as well be since you are constantly summoning widgets to do it for you, and you need to balance the number of widgets you have out, which is fun in my opinion. I will hopefully add a video soon of this build in action, but a) I don’t have Fraps installed and b) I am only 25, so it would be tough to understand the full effectiveness of this build at half the max level. That said, anything other than champion mobs die within two seconds, and everything else I can stay away from until they are dead because of suppression widgets. If you are looking for a new build, I strongly suggest you give this one a shot.



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  1. tipa on

    Interesting. I’m still liking my new hybrid bloodletter build, since I’ve managed to (eventually) find gear to alleviate my strength deficiencies.

    I find I really don’t like the gadgeteer’s stand-and-aim gameplay and was already relying on boomzips a lot. This build sounds pretty slick, though it sounds too slow to be effective in PvP (but I might be offbase there).

    My gadgeteer is heavily invested in boomzips, but she is like level 6, so it’s not really significant.

  2. kanthalos on

    Could be (ineffective in PvP.) I don’t PvP at all because I don’t like the way gear drops are set up right now, but it might work with the suppression widget to keep them slowed down. The potential electrical damage is amazing, but if they have really high resistance to it, then it could be a problem, but this is true with any build.

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