More About Mythos: Blade Breaker and Meteor

Well, I told you that I would be back with information about these two builds when I had them leveled up a little bit. Soon after that post, I realized that my BB toon was already at 24, and I got my meteor toon to 20 tonight, so I figure I’ll give you all a little write up about what I think of them.

Blade Breaker:
This build is quite fun in my opinion. While it relies almost entirely on passive abilities (increased attack rating, crit rating, damage, etc.) to make it more powerful, it is extremely efficient and can really be a powerhouse. This is the epitome of a kiting class in Mythos since they generally are wearing strength gear (better “armor”) as well as a shield (at least in my case) so they can take a few more whacks than many other builds. I’ll frequently have 50-70 mobs behind me by the time I round on them and eliminate them all with one attack. Something this build and piercing barrage can do that meteor and tesla builds can’t do is speed through an instance. All you have to do in collect up all the mobs, kill the majority of the group, and keep heading to the bottom. This is particularly effective when you are doing random quests because the boss you need to kill is always in the final floor, so the faster you get there, the faster you get xp.

Well there is my brief overview of the blade breaker build. If you want a toon that’s beefy that really makes you feel powerful, this is a great choice.

While I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on this class now, I’m not quite sure what to think of it. It has a very large radius once it explodes, however, it frequently takes 3-4 attacks to kill everything in big groups. I had originally assumed that it would function much like Diablo 2’s frozen orb skill, but there are two big differences that affect it quite a bit. For a bit of reference, frozen orb would be sent into a great big group of mobs. It would explode when it struck your target and send out frozen shards from the explosion. An excellent shot would mean that every shard would strike a surrounding enemy. As I said though, there are two differences.

The first big difference is that meteor explodes on the first solid object it comes into contact with, not the target you picked (in fact, it doesn’t require a target at all, but rather a click anywhere on the screen.) This means that you must be much more aware of your surroundings, understanding how obstacles or other mobs moving around could affect the way your meteor is going to work. More often than not, this simply means that it won’t be nearly as effective as if it exploded only upon impacting a mob that you target.

The second big difference is that the fragments that spread outward from the explosion seem to have a slight gap between where they originate and where the explosion itself occurs. Basically what this means is that grouping mobs tightly together, a tactic used with some other builds, could actually hurt your damage more than if you allow the mobs to stay spread out since those fragments will start out past the cluster and therefore be largely worthless (except for mobs that haven’t quite been collected up.) This really bothers me quite a bit, as it means that you are basically better off shooting blindly and hoping to strike as many mobs as possible than you are if you use tactics to bunch them all together to blow them away. It seems to me that using some skill, even if it is just kiting, should be rewarded rather than penalized.

In any case, I enjoy this build, but I think that it could use some tweaking. This is obviously just an opinion, and I haven’t asked anyone else whether they would prefer a definitive target and/or removing the gap between the fragments and the explosions, but I think they would bring a greater need for skill to the table. I will probably hop on this toon occasionally, but I much prefer the other three builds that I’ve been working with.

On a side note, I’m gradually starting to lose my awe for the tesla build. After switching from this toon to my blade breaker, I realized that I could wipe out a much larger group much faster with the blade breaker because he can kill multiple mobs with the same attack instead of having a limit on the number of mobs than could be attacked at once, which is four for tesla widgets. I still think that this is the most powerful build for epic maps, but seeing as I don’t run these very often, this doesn’t do me much good.



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