Mythos Item Drops… Sheesh!

I’ve been thinking about Mythos and the item drops for some time now on multiple levels. Right now I’m talking about the amount of items that drop that fill up your screen with tags to pick up. There can frequently be hundreds of potions, jewelry pieces, armor pieces, weapons, and crafting materials/recipes covering the screen. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, but it goes deeper than that. As I’m sure many of you know, Diablo 2 had both an option to show all of the tags for dropped items as well as the fact that none of the tags overlapped. This made it extremely easy to see every drop and whether it was worth picking up or not.

In Mythos, you either need to decide whether that orange “superior” you see is attached to “dwarven cannon” (excellent) or “goblin flyswatter” (not so excellent.) Unless you want to pick up all the other items that are covering the tag, you’re pretty much left to guess what it is. Frequently in these situations I won’t even bother. Given the extremely poor chance that it will be something worthwhile (I’ve already described how terrible my “luck” has been finding new gear, even with a very high luck rating,) I usually just forget about it and keep moving. Who knows, there may have been a few really nice items that I’ve left behind, but on the same hand, if I stopped to figure out what each of these items was I would be level 30 instead of level 49. So what all can be done to fix this?

1) Increase the chance that items will be worth picking up. If none (or very few) of the drops are going to be good, then what’s the point of having drops anyway?

2) Decrease (drastically) the amount of potion and crafting drops. As far as I know, noone collects the high-end potions (that you can’t currently purchase.) It takes far too long to collect a healthy sum of them, and you burn through them very quickly. Once crafting is in full swing, crafters will be able to make these better potions, but until then there really isn’t any value to them. In fact, I really don’t pick up any potions at all, except for the occasional luck potion, but even that is rare. I going to be bold enough to say that I don’t think any potions (except luck potions) need to be dropped at all. That’s not to say that they should be removed, but I think their worth is extremely small. Picking up one or two extra potions isn’t going to do anybody any good, because if they need more potions, they likely need 10 or more, which means a trip to the vendor.

The group potions had good intentions, but Mythos is so fast-paced that using a health or mana potion that will benefit everybody is tough. I think the two exceptions to this are the luck and antidote potions. These can be used anytime, and can actually help the group out quite a bit, but the health and mana potions don’t really belong. Plus, more than anything, these additional potions mean more buttons that you have to manage on your skillbar, which can be more hassle than it’s worth.

As for crafting materials, limit this to only the materials that you can’t purchase from vendors. They are incredibly cheap to start with, and they do nothing but clutter up the screen. They don’t need to be there. Crafting recipes? You currently can’t find any recipes that can’t also be purchased from a vendor. Again, remove these drops until they can be replaced with unique recipes.

3) This is the heart of what I am getting at in this post. First and foremost, item tags should not overlap at all. If they literally need to cover the screen it would be better than having them all clumped together. When this does get implemented there needs to be some filtering abilities, because only having a way to see every item at once is pretty archaic. Here is a list of all the filters that I think should be included: crafting materials, armor, weapons, jewelry, and magical items (which show all items that have magical properties.) One way that I think this could be done very well is with the mousewheel. Say you hit tab to display every drop, then you rotate the mousewheel up and down to then filter through each of these groups. This would leave one hand on the mouse in case you needed to stop to fight some more, while also being really slick and offering a lot of functionality. If for whatever reason you can’t use a mousewheel, they could simply be mapped to Tab+1, Tab+2, etc.. You should be able to hit one through five while also holding tab with the same hand, but if not, you can use both hands if necessary.

There is a new patch coming to Mythos very shortly. While it is primarily related to the Overworld aspect, it will be interesting to see if any changes are made to the drops as well.



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