Daily Quest #2

Well, some of the commenters on my Daily Quest #1 thought I should spice up my quests a little more, so that’s what I’ll try to do with today’s quests. I hope they satisfy. I actually wrote this first one about a year ago for another post I wrote about questing in general. Since I’m sort of re-using this one, I’m also including a second quest. Hopefully you’ll find them to be a bit more exciting.

Game: Any MMO with a fantasy setting.

Questgiver: N/A

Questgiver location: N/A

Quest Destination: N/A

Quest text: “Hero, please help me! The other day while I was out in the forest rummaging for mushrooms a band of goblins took me by surprise. I barely escaped with my skin, but that’s the least of my concerns. I had a ring inside a lockbox that I desperately need back.

I believe the goblins are hiding out in an old tower not too far into the forest. There were some big stones out behind the tower. If you are sneaky enough, you could trap them inside the tower by placing a stone in the front of the doorway. I have this explosive device here that I found a while back, but it’s of no use to me. Perhaps you can use it to burn that tower down and find my ring. I don’t have much to offer you for your services, but I can give you some of my best mushrooms. Will you help me?

Concise Instructions: Find the old tower to the east within the forest. Use the stones out back to trap the goblins inside before tossing the explosive up top to burn it to cinders. Depending on how well the stone protects the door, goblins may escape, and they won’t be happy. Be prepared!

How it works:

you find a dilapidated tower in the middle of the woods has been taken over by some goblins. Occasionally a patrol walks around the tower but eventually go back inside. If the patrol spots you, they would shout to the others and they would all charge you, forcing you to flee or fight. If things go well though, this won’t happen. A pile of hefty stones is laying at the back of the tower, which you can pick up and place in front of the door once the patrol walks back inside. You could then toss an explosive to the top of the tower, burning the goblins alive. If you don’t secure the door well enough they could burst through enraged and attack you dealing twice as much damage with only a quarter of their health, but if you secure it tightly, you can watch them jump from the top of the burning tower falling to their death. Once the tower burns down, you enter to find a lockbox containing the ring. Here’s where a dilemma enters. Either you can return the ring to its owner, keep it for yourself, or simply sell it. You could gain faction for killing the goblins, a nice ring to wear or sell, faction and an xp reward should you return the ring, and you’d get to watch a tower burn to the ground while goblins are falling from the sky! This shouldn’t even be that difficult to code either. LotRO has the ability to pick up, carry, and drop things as does Guild Wars so it’s already in games. Then you would just have to determine whether the stone adequately secured the door or not then they would break out or jump out accordingly. If you had more than one person, you could put multiple stones at the door to secure it better.

Reward: This depends on your choice. Either a ring, money for selling the ring, or a faction and xp reward from the owner.

This seems incredibly fun and interesting to me. You have an interactive quest where the better you perform the required action, the easier and more enjoyable the quest becomes. You also have a choice involved with three options, all of which could be equally appealing.
Here’s the second quest for the day.

Game: World of Warcraft

Questgiver: N/A

Questgiver location: Arathi Highlands

Quest Destination: Arathi Highlands

Quest text: “The dark iron dwarves has taken up residence on an outcropping near the Thandol Span. They are posing a problem to passing travelers, and we need to do something to stop them. Their choice for their camp site was poor, however, and it plays perfectly into our hands. I’m going to need you to destroy that bridge so they can never leave that place again! Your method of destruction is up to you. Should you not have a powerful ranged attack, I have this incendiary bomb that you can use to ignite the bridge. Let’s be rid of those dwarves once and for all! Should you feel the desire, you can destroy them at a distance once the bridge has collapsed.”

How it works: It’s pretty self-explanatory. You use a ranged attack of some sort to blow the bridge up so that they can’t use it to escape. Now my memory of this location is not crystal clear and I’m not currently subscribed to WoW, so I can’t check, but if I remember correctly, this location has no other means of escape but the bridge, which is the way I wanted it. Obviously, the bridge would need to reappear after so long so that the quest could be done again, as well as in the event that a player was out there when the bridge was destroyed. I think it would be pretty fun to blow up a bridge and trap a bunch of no-good dwarves. What do you think?

Obviously, this is going under the assumption that no other quests are tied to this location, which there are. A way to remedy this would be to re-word the quest text and make this the last quest in the chain, which wouldn’t be too tough.

So there are a couple more quests I’ve come up with that hopefully you’ll find to be a bit more interactive and unique. Let me know whether you like them or not.



6 comments so far

  1. Thallian on

    Those are some pretty creative quest ideas bud. In fact the first one sounds really fun and if keeping or giving away the ring or whatnot changed your alignment would be right along the lines of something in Baldur’s Gate 2 or Neverwinter Nights. You and Anton should get together cuz he loves coming up with stuff like this. The only thing I can think of that would stop this from going through at a big company is that corporate mentality tends to lean more towards “get the stupid job done just good enough” instead of “lets see how cool we can make this” 🙂 The business people at the top are the crux.

  2. Tim on

    Nice work.

    Quest 1: I like dodging the patrol. It would provide tension to shove the rocks slowly, rather adding them to the magically weightless PC inventory, but that’s beyond most MMO physics.

    I’m a little leery about burning creatures alive in a sealed tower. Maybe if they were making bombs in there and we just threw in a torch. Karma.

    I’d be tempted to save the double damage/quarter health enemies for a quest of their own. It’s a fun idea, and it would be nice to give the player the choice of which he or she would prefer to fight.

    Quest 2: Yay, demolition. Have the bomb need to be placed near the middle of the bridge, and then when you turn around to run — oops, some guards have arrived behind you. Keep them busy long enough to prevent them from getting to the bomb, but don’t get stuck on the bridge yourself!

    Perhaps better suited to a single-player game. It would be odd to find someone else carrying a bomb to the same bridge you are, but that’s the way MMOs go, I suppose.

    Hey, if this is a “Daily Quest” feature, why are there always two? Pace yourself, man. 🙂

  3. kanthalos on

    Hehe, I know I did two again, but it was because a) I’d technically written most of the first one already and b) I didn’t actually do one yesterday. From now on there will just be one 🙂

  4. Libri on

    There is an escape hatch of sorts for the Dark Iron Dwarves in a ramp that runs down to the river. Took me a long time to realize that…..swam down the river to Wetlands many a time trying to do the jumping quest to the destroyed span.

  5. Garumoo on

    Very nice idea, although I too have some qualms about the details of the first quest. Tim already mentioned the distasteful aspect (at least you didn’t specify there were two towers .. oh no, I said it 😉 … the other problem I see with the first quest is of a different type — the quest text shouldn’t be dictating the tactics, not at all. It should lay out the problem (goblins in tower), and some resources (here’s a bomb), and maybe a hint (look around for something to block the door with).

    This way the problem solvers will get enjoyment from the quest, not just the achievers.

    This is a good exercise to go through though, I’m going to have to try writing a quest or two on my own blog .. pretty sure I’ll be the one making the mistakes then 😉

  6. kanthalos on

    I agree that this would be nice to have to sort of piece it together or discover the details on your own, but some players are… well, lazy. As I’ve been saying a lot lately, it’s just a matter of finding the balance between the two that make it interesting without being irritating. That said, I don’t know that I’ve found that balance.

    As for the first quest being distasteful, I can see this. It would go well in AoC, hehe. It could be altered depending on what audience you’re catering to. Perhaps instead of fighting at all, they could just flee in terror, and you could still get the faction reward just for driving them off? Not sure. 🙂

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