Daily Quest #3

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote up the last quest, but I’ve got a new one for today. Basically it’s a combination of a few elements that I think would be pretty interesting. It’s really not even a quest in the strictest sense of the word, but more of an opportunity for risk vs. reward.

With this talk of gambling both here and on the SUWT podcast, it got me thinking of a way to make this aspect of the game more fun. With that said, I’ll dive into the heart of it.

For the sake of this “opportunity,” I’m going to use the Shimmering Flats raceway in Thousand Needles, something that doesn’t actually involve gambling (though I wish it did.)

Game: World of Warcraft

Quest Location: Shimmering Flats Raceway

Quest Giver Location: Gadgetzan, Tanaris

Quest Dialogue: “Greetings, traveler. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing me a small favor. You see, this here shop hasn’t been paying the bills as well I’d like, so I’ve been using most of our earnings over at the Shimmering Flats Raceway. The returns have been… well, there haven’t been any returns, but I plan to change that with the next race. One of the mechanics told me he’s going to sabotage the other rockets, which means that the CX-250 is a shoe-in to win the race! I’d go and place the bet myself, but the wife’s been on me to fix a leak for too long, and I can’t take it anymore.

Here’s 20 gold to go place the bet. If it wins, I’ll split the return with you, which isn’t bad with 4:1 odds. Come back when the race is over, and we’ll have a drink to our success!”

Quest Reward/How it works: This depends. This situation requires you to make the decision of whether to place the bet or not. Obviously, you can’t be certain whether the mechanic will sabotage the other rockets or not, and if he doesn’t, you the odds of winning aren’t really that great compared to the other rockets.

Here’s where some new game mechanics could be incorporated. If they were to be used, it would add some neat elements to the game, but they wouldn’t necessarily have to be used. Here are several scenarios that could come about from this:

1) You keep the money and never return to the shop-keeper.

2) You keep it and tell the shop-keeper that the rocket he bet on lost the race. There is a chance that he will discover that you lied, and all of the shop-keepers in town find out. If this happens, prices go up and money for selling goods goes down. He might not find out, though, and you could get 15 gold with no consequences.

3) You bet the money and lose. Obviously in this case, you get to go bet on a race but get nothing out of it.

4) You bet the money and win and go back to the quest giver to return his share. In this case you get 40 gold for yourself and you make a shop-keeper happy.

5) You be the money and win, but keep the money for yourself. Similar to the second scenario, you could avoid the shop-keeper and pretend it never happened, or lie and run the risk of negative effects if you get caught.

6)You bet the money and lose. You feel bad for the shop-keeper and decide to give him the gold that he would have won. This will cost you 60g basically, but if you can afford it, then you might consider doing this, as it would increase your favor with people in town and you recieve monetary and other benefits of some kind.

Obviously, the amount of gold here could be changed depending on the amount of gold you should have at that level and other circumstances. This was just a value that I picked randomly. Also, this quest could be simplified to just be a “quest” to go bet on a rocket and see if it wins. It could be taken to all different levels depending on how much effort and detail you want to put into it. I just thoguht this would be a neat way to incorporate both betting as well as an element of choice. Let me know what you think.



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