Living Legacy: Act of Desperation?

Tobold just wrote up a post regarding Living Legacy being an act of desperation to get players to come back. He states that if there haven’t been significant changes to the game, players aren’t going to have any reason to come back and stick around if the problem that caused them to leave in the first place wasn’t fixed. He also thinks that two months is too long to be effective. While the second statement has merit, I can’t agree with the first or the last. I don’t think that this has anything to do with desperation or that it is too long. Two months is really a perfect amount of time to give players to check out the game without making it too long. Honestly, if what he said about people leaving for a reason was true (which 99% of the time it is) then having two months to give it a try could possibly help with that. With all the players coming back in to give it a try, it could really increase the population for a couple months and liven up the community a bit.

MMO’s are constantly looking for more players and the competition is getting steeper, but I don’t think that EQ2 NEEDS players. I think they have enough to be profitable and to keep running, but they would definitely like more. I think the people that are playing now are happy, and the developers enjoy their jobs and want to keep EQ2 going while continuing to improve and expand upon it with an unparalleled expansion cycle. EQ and EQ2 are almost surely the two biggest and most content-heavy MMO’s out there (with the possible exception to vanguard in terms of sheer size, I don’t know) but if players are generally stopping at 20 or 25, or not playing EQ at all, they won’t ever get to see that anyways, so this is a big problem. As for EQ2, is it the leveling people don’t like? Is it the lack of guidance? Is it the community (or seeming lack thereof in the lower levels?) For me it’s the community, but I think it’s different things for different people.

To wrap things up, I think this is an excellent marketing maneuver, not an act of desperation. I think that if this doesn’t work wonders to bring in more players, then it will be pretty clear that they won’t ever see a big jump in players again (without massive changes as you said) and that they should be satisfied with the player base they have now, but until it’s over, I think this was worth a shot. Players likely weren’t going to come back on their own, but this gives them that opportunity if they choose to use it. While they want to build their numbers before the competition gets any stiffer, I think EQ2 (and possible EQ) will still be around for a long time to come.



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