Slightly Bummed…

Well, apparently I misunderstood how the Living Legacy program worked. Since I didn’t have a subscription to the original EverQuest, I don’t qualify for the two free months. This bums me out quite a bit because I was looking forward to playing this game basically for the first time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I actually bought EverQuest long, long ago, but there is no way that I could ever remember my username and password to re-activate it. Guess it’s EQ2 for me.


*Great news! I actually did manage to recover my old account information! That said, I’m patching EQ currently and I should be up and running soon.


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  1. John on

    Starting July 1st you can have someone invite you if you havent set up an eq1 account before and you will get all the Eq1 expansions and the new player in game bundle not the returning player one.Each currently active player will get 20 invites to invite people.Each person they invite gives the person who invited them a free month to subscription , if the person invited turns their trial into a subscription, You would only get one month of free time being a completely new account though.

  2. John on

    P.S. Just create a new account to do this and find someone with an invite on July 1st or try customer service and see if they can find your old account info.

  3. Thallian on

    and hence I wont be using it either. Now if Vanguard did something like this I could get back in 😛 .. might be fun to see if its changed a bit.

  4. kanthalos on

    I actually did recover my information as you can see with the amendment I posted at the bottom. I do have 13 hours of patching, though…

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