Is EQ2 Worth Exploring?

As I’ve stated in the past, I’ve tried playing EQ2 several times and for whatever reason, I just can’t really get into it. I have a 25, a 24, and an 18, but I am really not enjoying myself when playing recently with the Living Legacy promotion. The last time I came back to play, I actually enjoyed myself for a few weeks, but this time it wasn’t the case. I jumped back in with my 25 wizard, got used to the skills again, and was once again feeling stuck because I don’t enjoy the zones I’m currently playing in (Thundering Steppes and Butcherblock Mountains) and the quests are too difficult or quite simply don’t sound fun. So there I am with my level 25 wizard at the Thundering Steppes dock wondering whether I should keep playing. Granted, I don’t have a guild and there isn’t a real sense of community for me, but this was never a problem with WoW. If I was guildless or just starting out on a new server, this didn’t prevent me from having fun or having a clear idea of where to go or what to do.

So with that in mind, is the world of EQ2 worth exploring? Right now, this seems to be the only real reason to play EQ2. I could find a guild and hopefully this would make my experience more enjoyable, but I think the problem goes much deeper than that. I don’t really like the graphical style of EQ2 (It tries to be too photorealistic and without the right computer, fails miserably,) I don’t enjoy the zones I’ve been in so far, and I’m not particularly drawn to any of the classes I’ve played. So where does this leave me? As I’ve stated before, I don’t believe you should have to force yourself through a few levels or zones in an MMO to get to content that you WILL enjoy, however, I don’t even know that once I get to a new zone or a new level that I will start to really enjoy myself anyway. Maybe you all have some comments/suggestions/feedback to offer for this, but as of now, I’m beginning to think that Tobold was more correct than I originally gave him credit for: If players have some problem with a game and that doesn’t get changed in some way, the promotion will be meaningless because it won’t get used. I know this might not be true for other players, but for me, this is looking to be very much the case.

As for EQ1, I’m still playing it and I want to give this more of a chance, so we’ll see whether I can get SOME value out of this promotion.



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  1. Feonyx on

    I played EQ1 since launch and when EQ2 came out I jumped ship and have been playing it since launch. Truth be told the only reason I still play it is because of the awesome community. I really tired that there is so little content for the group of 4 people that we get consistently and that there isn’t a better way of forming up groups (People hated LFG Plane of Knowledge in EQ1, but I am really missing it)

    EQ2 is a great game if you have way too much time on your hands, but it isn’t a great casual environment. If you put in the time and get in with a good crowd (easier in EQ2 than most MMOs I have found) you can have alot of fun.

    Feonyx – 80 Paladin
    Mindsplitter – 79 Illusionist

  2. Aspendawn on

    As Feonyx said, I think for many who continue to play EQ2, the community is a big factor. I’ve heard people in our guild even comment that they’re playing because the people here are nicer than other MMO’s. Can’t speak for other servers, but Lucan D’Lere has been a pleasant experience.

    And for me, a very casual gamer who needs to afk a lot, this has been the best fit for me. I always seem to have something to do, even if only for a few minutes.

    But from the perspective of soloing and going it alone, it probably isn’t very exciting compared to other games. Truthfully, if you aren’t liking BB and TS, you may not like the zones that come after. I like those zones but find myself not liking the 40+ zones.

    In my opinion, this really is a game where a guild makes a big impression on your experiences and enjoyment. And they’ve got the best guild finding tool I’ve seen anywhere.

  3. Aaron on

    Keep in mind, I’m an explorer and tend to solo.

    I loved EQ2 as a cinematic experience. It’s a very different game played on High graphics than on Low or even Medium. For example, in the Commonlands, the lions and snakes are camouflaged and hidden in the tall savanna grass only if you have the graphics turned up.

    So if you’ve got a strong computer, turn your graphics up, turn on the Letterbox mode, turn off your UI (with F10, I think), and imagine the game as a movie while you’re playing it. They did a great job on the graphics, animations, and sounds.

    Of course, turning off the UI makes the game significantly harder (you can still use your hotkeys, but don’t see healthbars), but I think it’s worth it. You can use the UI on tough fights and hide it otherwise, or use it during all fights and just hide it in the journeys between battles. If I remember right, you also have to turn it on to converse with NPCs, though I could be wrong.

  4. Nixia on

    Gosh hard to tell you what to do if you’re not enjoying yourself now!

    I love EQ2, I think it’s the best MMO out there because of the diversity, the detail, the community, etc. I also play WoW and now AoC – both are fun, but do not offer the variety of things to do for both casual and hardcore gamers -and I do like both of them too!

    As Aaron mentioned the high graphics – it’s really a whole different game although I haven’t tried playing without the UI on – that should be a challenge!!

  5. kanthalos on

    Yeah, I wish I could run the graphics really high but my comp just isn’t good enough. It makes everything like kind of blurry and out of focus, so this certainly doesn’t help the situation any. I’m not exactly a graphics whore, but there’s a difference between wanting killer graphics and feeling like you have macular degeneration when you’re playing a game. Couple this with all of the other problems that I seem to have with EQ2, and it’s tough to find a way to enjoy my experience with the game.

  6. Aaron on

    I could run the graphics on high, but it slowed the game down to a crawl. I decided to leave the game and come back to it whenever I buy a better computer (2-3 years from now, probably).

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